What is the ALPEN method?

What is the ALPEN method? 16.05.2019 - When you think of ALPEN (German Word for „Alps“), do you first think of mountains and skiing? Understandable. However, the acronym also refers to a method for daily planning, which is becoming increasingly popular among project managers as the "ALPEN method". The ALPEN method is aimed at managers and executives who wonder every evening why they are so exhausted and why their to-do lists simply don't get smaller despite hard work. Constant stress and ever faster processing of to-do lists do not lead to the desired goal. Many people have to struggle with this dilemma. In search of more efficiency and some freedom in everyday working life, it is worth taking a look at the ALPEN method. Read more »

How to find the best project management software in 4 steps– Step 1: Analysis

How to find the best project management software in 4 steps– Step 1: Analysis 10.05.2019 - High effort, many providers, individual solutions, financial risks. You won’t find the best fitting project management tool for you from one day to the next. Our series of articles provides a guideline on the selection and implementation of PM tools in your company. There won‘t be an “all-round solution“ because the project management solution must be tailormade for your company and your requirements. In this following second volume you will get familiarise with step number one – the analysis. Regardless of your undertaking – e.g. developing a campaign, changing processes or implementing new software solutions – an extensive analysis always will be the first step. Read more »

Agile project management in large companies

Agile project management in large companies 30.04.2019 - Sarah Gandorfer reports on the online platform IT-Business why Scrum is the favorite of large companies and why they use agile project management at all. In general, it can be observed that more and more companies use agile project management, no matter in which industry with which company size, because there are many different agile approaches. A survey conducted by Bitkom showed that the boom in agile management methods has led to an increase in the use of freelancers. In the following article we summarize the information provided by Sarah Gandorfer. Read more »

How to find the best project management software in 4 steps: A guideline on the selection and implementation of PM tools

How to find the best project management software in 4 steps: A guideline on the selection and implementation of PM tools 17.04.2019 - Bundled communication. Enhanced team work. Overview of complex projects. Time savings. Standardisation for increased productivity. Goal oriented management. To benefit from all those advantages, you need to find a tool, which suits best to your undertakings. Do you attach importance to a specific view, like a Gantt chart? Plays activity recording an important role to you? Lies your focus on strategic planning, simple organisation of tasks or an overarching management? Apart from that specific information, there are other things you should consider before choosing a tool. In our four-volume series of articles we will help you finding the right project management tool which fits best for you and your requirements. The following article will initially give you an overview. Read more »

Project management software – Comparison of 5 tools

Project management software – Comparison of 5 tools 05.04.2019 - The market for project management software is a confusing mess of tools, growing day by day. The variety of products extends from simple to-do lists up to complex multiproject management solutions. Do you intend to implement a project management software in your team, the department or even in the whole organisation? Then you are faced with many options: The most intuitive management tool on the web? The most powerful platform for modern work? The most suitable solution for teamwork? The easiest way to complete tasks? You'll quickly notice that there is no lack of superlatives. But unfortunately they won't help you with your choice and create anything but transparency. Read more »

Tips for Management Interviews

Tips for Management Interviews 18.03.2019 - Job search is not only an issue for people who have just left university and are just starting their careers, but basically for anyone who wants to make professional progress and develop themselves. Especially in management and especially in project management, where there are more project-related contracts and assignments than in other areas, the active search for a new job is not uncommon. In project management, it is particularly important to prepare for a specific interview. Of course, lawyers, surveyors and sports equipment salespeople also have to prepare for their interviews. But in the project management the next position can be fundamentally different from the preceding one and nevertheless one is perfectly suitable as an applicant under circumstances. To prove this requires a little more targeted preparation. Read more »

Finland's know-how in digitization comes to Germany

Finland's know-how in digitization comes to Germany 08.03.2019 - The web portal Presseportal.de published an article by the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce about Finnish know-how in digitization in Germany. The text deals with the positive effects that Finland has on digitization in Germany and which mainly affect the German manufacturing industry. But it also deals with the success story of a partnership programme between two nations in Europe. The German manufacturing industry benefits from the know-how already available in Finland on digitisation issues. A partnership programme was launched in 2017, bringing together representatives of German industrial companies and Finnish digitisation experts. The cooperation is intended to enable faster progress by German manufacturing companies, since the wheel does not have to be reinvented. Read more »

The Blockchain technology simply explained

The Blockchain technology simply explained 28.02.2019 - The term blockchain has become more and more common in the working world of project managers in recent years. But what exactly is it all about? Many online articles explain the term, but often every third word is a foreign word, which in turn has to be explained in another article. So we try to find a simple explanation: what is the blockchain? The blockchain is actually a database that records actions between two partners and displays all changes transparently. It is a decentralized database, i.e. a database that is located on many different servers and cannot be found in your own company or anywhere on a particular server. With blockchain there is no owner of the database. Nobody has power of disposal or power over this data. All users have the same rights and possibilities to access it. Read more »

Lean Management - from production to project management

Lean Management - from production to project management 18.02.2019 - The term Lean Management has been around for about 30 years now and the topic is still of great economic importance. What began as a streamlining process in production at the beginning of the 1990s has now become a global concept and a general management principle. „Lean“ is exactly the goal of lean management: The value chain should become leaner, function more efficiently and be freed from all unnecessary procedures and aspects. This should not only lead to more efficient production, but also to a reduction of costs and time savings. In lean management, waste is the big issue that everything revolves around. Processes should run sensibly and smoothly - regardless of whether it is a manufacturing process in the conventional sense or the management of a long-term project. Lean management is common in many companies and can also be combined with many modern trends in project management. Read more »

IT in Project Management - People versus Technology

IT in Project Management - People versus Technology 30.01.2019 - If information technologies are to be used in project management, it is ultimately always a question of weighing up which tasks are to be performed by people and which by algorithms or software. Man and technology appear like competitors, but their "use" serves the same goal, namely the success of the respective project. It is therefore important to find the best possible cooperation and an interplay of forces and strengths. George Sarpong gave some thought to this topic in the online mag Computerworld, which we summarize here. For George Sarpong, it is clear that software can make project management much easier. In his article, however, he would like to point out that the most important success factor remains the human being and that even the best technology is not promising if it is not used by expert personnel. Read more »

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