IAPM International Association of Project Managers


Certificate recognition

We recognize your existing certificate.

Once we have reviewed your documents you will be issued an equivalent IAPM certificate.
  • No recertification - indefinite validity
  • Follow-on IAPM certifications are possible 
    e.g. Certified International Project Manager (IAPM)
  • Internationally recognized and valid
  • Even ‘expired‘ certificates can be upgraded
  • No costs in the event of rejection

Here's what you have to do

  • You have IPMA, PMI, Scrum Al­li­an­ce or scrum.‚Äčorg certification, or a certificate issued by another organisation. Your certificate can have ‘expired’ because the IAPM believes that certification confirms a person’s knowledge status at a specific point in time (namely the time of certification).
  • Upload your certificate in conjunction with your personal details.
  • A certified Training Partner will perform a manual review and either recognize it or reject it.
  • If your certificate is recognized, you will receive an e-mail with the options “equivalent certificate“ or “higher certificate with additional information on project experience“, plus binding information on fees.
  • When you have paid the processing fee we will send you your personal IAPM certificate.
  • If your existing certificate is rejected you will not incur any costs.

Apply for certificate recognition

How did you find out about us?

Your personal details will not be disclosed to third parties or used for marketing purposes. You will not incur any costs for sending the above form to us. If your certificate is recognised, you will be informed of the IAPM certification options which are available to you. No fee will be charged until you have selected one of the certificates.

You have applied and have been waiting for a reply for more than three days? Click here for further information.

Information on fees

The fee charged depends on the requested IAPM certification and your nationality. All IAPM fees are staggered and aligned to your country’s gross domestic product.
Please note: We use commas as decimal separators instead of dots.
Further information can be found here.
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