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The IAPM is a global association promoting quality and knowledge in project management. Our goal is to provide optimal support to project managers in their work.

In 2018, the standards and methods of the IAPM were recognized by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. You can read more about this here.

Blog: Product owner, project manager, product manager - what am I?

In project management, as is common in many professions, we use our own technical terms to designate roles, processes, tools and organizations. Whoever loses the overview here from time to time has nothing to be ashamed of. Even die-hard managers sometimes get things mixed up, and many who come into contact with the agile world of work first have to look up the basic terms.
It already starts with the role designations in agile project management, with which one is now suddenly confronted as a project manager who has not previously managed agile projects. Am I a product owner or a project manager or rather a product manager? It all depends...

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You can find the links to all available Project Management Guides as well as to all IAPM white papers. If you are interested in a specific certification level, you can check out our Cheat Sheets. If you don't know our Cheat Sheets yet, you should definitely take a look at these! You will find all necessary information about a certification there. When you plan to take a certification in the traditional field of project management, you will also find the link to our web-learning platform on this site.

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The IAPM publishes project management news that may interest you on the scoop.it social news platform: PM Pearls curated by IAPM
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The IAPM operates a digital flipboard magazine featuring interesting project management topics. Read the magazine online or use the Flipboard App to read it on your smartphone.
The IAPM PM Magazine includes articles in English and German.

IAPM Certification

The IAPM’s certifications are internationally recognized and valid. Your decision to obtain IAPM project management certification provides you with verification of your knowledge and - at some of the certification levels - your experience. Read on to find out about the benefits of our certifications.

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