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The IAPM is a global association promoting quality and knowledge in project management. Our goal is to provide optimal support to project managers in their work.

Christiane Pütter on Agile Methods

Christiane Pütter on Agile Methods 10.08.2017 - Christiane Pütter writes about the Status Quo Agile 2016/2017 study which was carried out at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. She has shown that Agile methods, which sound good in theory, often fail in practice when they are used in businesses. Agile methods are not only used in IT departments within businesses, but are also used in a very wide variety of projects. Scrum is the most popular of the Agile methods, followed by Lean and Kanban. Generally speaking, all of these methods, which come under the Agile banner, are rated very positively. The impetus has slowed down somewhat after ... Read more »

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Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM)

The IAPM has added a new certification to its portfolio: Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM). Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM) is the ‘little brother‘ of Certified Project Manager (IAPM) and an inexpensive first-time certification which is ideal for students and people who are interested in finding out more about the subject of project management so that they can make a good impression at their first job interview. The certification is based on the PM Guide 2.0 which covers the basics of IAPM project management certification.
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IAPM Certification

The IAPM’s certifications are internationally recognised and valid. Your decision to obtain IAPM project management certification provides you with verification of your knowledge and - at some of the certification levels - your experience. Read on to find out about the benefits of our certifications.

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