The White Paper Hybrid Project Management

The IAPM's Hybrid Project Management Baseline

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How is the White Paper Hybrid Project Management structured?

Alongside a short introduction, the White Paper is divided into three main sections.
The chapter entitled “The Three Most Important Project Management Approaches” deals with the broad fields of traditional project management, Lean Management and agile project management.

In the area of traditional project management, the possible project phases involved in a development project and the different ways of organising projects and the project roles are discussed.
You will subsequently become more familiar with the principles of Lean Management and the foundations of agile project management. You will gain a brief insight into Scrum, IT Kanban, Extreme Programming, Design Thinking and Feature Driven Development.

In the chapter entitled “The Baseline for Hybrid Project Management”, the different types of hybrid project management are described along with the deciding factors that are critical when creating a suitable hybrid system.
These factors can include both the complexities presented by the project objectives, as well as the requirements that arise from the project, the business sector or the team itself. The organisational environment and the cultural aspects of change are also part of these considerations.
It explains the reasons that can lie behind the use of hybrid project management and the sorts of things that can constitute the goal of the hybrid approach in a specific situation.

In the chapter entitled “The Hybrid Project Management Path”, the structures of hybrid project management in the project context are set out and the challenges presented by hybrid cultures are considered.

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