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In most cases, you will receive a reply to your enquiry, test registration or similar within 24 hours during our working hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 CET). Sometimes a reply can take up to three days even during our working days. If this happens, we kindly ask you to be patient. Should you nevertheless wait longer than three days, please take the following steps.
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Please check your spam folder.

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that emails from the IAPM end up in the spam folder. We therefore ask you to first check your spam folder to hopefully find emails from our side there. 
Since this problem mainly affects email addresses from and, we have created a guide for you on how you can easily put our domain on an allowlist.

Please check whether your mailbox has reached its limit.

If this happens, it is no longer possible for you to receive any emails. If this is the case, please resubmit the request using a different email address or make sure you have sufficient storage capacity.
​If you have registered for a test or similar, please contact our support team

Please note: Depending on your email provider, you may not receive any information about an exceeded mailbox - therefore, proactively check the capacity of your mailbox.

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The IAPM certification

The certification can be taken via a reputable online examination procedure. The costs are based on the gross domestic product of your country of origin.

Which certification suits you best?

For better readability, we usually only use the generic masculine form in our texts. Nevertheless, the expressions refer to members of all genders.

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Become a Network Official

Do you want to get involved in project management in your environment and contribute to the further development of project management? Then become active as an IAPM Network Official or as a Network Official of the IAPM Network University.