Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)

The certification for senior project managers in traditional management

Frequently Asked Questions about this certification

Who should take the certif​ica​tion?

  • People with both knowledge and extensive practical experience in project management.

Is project expe​rience requir​ed?

  • Yes, at least five years of project management experience, three of which in a management position or responsible leadership function.

Where is the certif​ication exam taken?

  • Online via Classmarker (stable internet connection required).
  • You can use all major operating systems or smart devices.

What are the exam contents?

The questions are multiple-choice questions with one or more correct answers and right/wrong questions.

  • Project Check
  • Project File
  • Project Enviro​nment
  • Stakeh​olders
  • Project Charter
  • Steering Committee and Core Team
  • Commun​ication
  • Creation of the Specification
  • Creation of the Phase Model
  • Creation of the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Work Packages
  • Process and Time Schedule
  • Cost Breakdown and Budget
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sub-Pr­oject Manager and Work Package Owner
  • Project Organi​sations
  • Project Start-Up
  • Project Review
  • Project Close Out
  • Soft Skills
You will find our recommendation for optimal preparation below.

How many questions need to be answered and how much time do I have?

  • 120 questions
  • 80 minutes

What is the percentage of correctly answered questions to pass?

  • 65 %

Can the exam be retaken?

  • Yes, you can repeat the exam twice with new questions. After not-pa­ssing the exam the second time, you need to wait 12 months before taking the exam a third time.
  • Costs will be re-inc­urred.

What does the certification cost?

The fee depends on your citizenship. This ensures that project managers of all nations can afford our certifications. Our certifications are offered without preparatory training. You can find our recommendation for optimal preparation with self-study further below.

Please select your citizenship to view the fee that applies to you.
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