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Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)

The benefits of "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification for you
  • Verification of your practical experience
  • Verification of your theoretical knowledge
  • Reputated online examination system
  • Flexible examination date
  • Internationally recognized certificate
  • Competitive advantages & career launching pad
  • No re-certification necessary

About the certification

"Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification is a level for candidates with both knowledge and extensive practical experience in project management. The knowledge questions are based on the content of the PM Guide 2.0. The examination covers both the hard and soft factors of project management.
Candidates for this certification require at least five years of project management experience, three of which in a management position or responsible leadership function.

Getting certified

  1. You can either prepare for the certification examination yourself using our recommended literature or take part in a course given by one of our training partners
  2. You can test yourself (25 questions in 20 minutes) at any time to find out whether you still have any knowledge deficits. This test also provides you with an idea of the kind of questions and level of difficulty you will encounter in the certification examination. The selftest can only be done once.
  3. Whenever you feel ready you can register for the certification examination. In the registration form you will be required to enter your personal data, your project history (a list and descriptions of between one and five projects in which you worked for at least three years in a management position or responsible leadership function) and the approximate number of hours that you have worked in project management in the last five years.
  4. When you submit the registration, the IAPM will check to see whether you meet the admission requirements. The registration form has to be filled in and submitted on the IAPM website. Postal submissions are not possible.
  5. If you meet the admission criteria, you will receive an invoice with a 10-day payment deadline.
  6. When payment has been received, you will be sent an e-mail with your login data for the IAPM certification system so that you can take your examination. The login data are valid for six months after you receive them.
  7. If you achieve the necessary pass rate of 65% you will receive your personal IAPM certificate by e-mail after a few days. 
  8. Then you have life-long proof of your knowledge and practical experience in project management. This is an advantage in job application processes and can give your career a boost.  

What does the "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification cost?

The certification / examination fee depends on your nationality. This ensures that project managers of all nations can afford our certifications.
Please select your nationality to view the fee that applies to you.

Please note that the discount for students, schoolchildren and job seekers is not granted for "Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IAPM?

Read more about the IAPM on the following pages:
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Who is "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification geared to?

"Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification is intended for people who want to get their theoretical knowledge and practical experience in project management certified.
To be eligible for certification, candidates have to provide proof of at least five years of professional experience in project management.

What are the advantages of "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification for me?

"Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification confirms your theoretical project management knowledge, which includes knowledge on both soft skills and hard facts, as well as extensive practical experience in project management. Certification can tip the balance in your favour when you're looking for a new job or changing careers. It demonstrates your knowledge in project management, which sets you apart from your rivals.
The certificate also makes you eligible for "Certified International Project Manager (IAPM)" certification, which is only available to IAPM certificate holders*.
As an IAPM certificate holder, you will also receive regular invitations to regional Network Meetings where you can meet other project managers and listen to interesting presentations.

*) With the exception of "Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM)" certificate holders.

What is the difference between a "Certified Project Manager (IAPM)" certification and a "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification?

Candidates for "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification have to provide proof of at least five years of experience in project management, three of which in a management position or a responsible leadership role. The "Certified Project Manager (IAPM)" certification only confirms the holder’s knowledge of project management. Practical experience is an advantage, but not necessary.

​How is project management experience assessed in advance of "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification?

The candidate can list and describe a maximum of five projects. Points are awarded for these projects on the basis of project data and the candidate’s project experience during the last five years. The total points score is calculated using a mathematical formula. Candidates for Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification must achieve a minimum score of 40 points. Otherwise, they can only be approved for "Certified Project Manager (IAPM)" certification.

What is the selftest about?

The selftest (25 questions within 20 minutes) reveals any gaps in your knowledge. It gives you an idea of what the certification examination is like and allows you to check your knowledge level. When you have completed the selftest you will receive an e-mail with information about your knowledge level and recommendations. The selftest can only be done once.

How do I prepare for the examination?

You can take part in a preparatory workshop held by one of our training partners. The workshops practically communicate and illustrate all relevant content. You can find a training partner near to you here.

If you don’t want to attend a workshop, you can also study for the examination yourself. The PM Guide 2.0 provides you with an overview of the topics covered in the certification examination. 
Recommended reading to increase your depth of knowledge can be found here.

How extensive is the "Certifiied Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification examination?

The certification examination has 120 questions and the candidate has to answer 65% of them correctly to pass. The time allowed is 80 minutes. You receive your examination results by e-mail.
On average, candidates achieve a score of around 74% in our certification examinations.

What kind of questions can I expect in the examination?

The certification examination questions relate to all topics covered by the PM Guide 2.0. These are for example:

Project management hard facts:

  • Project check
  • Project file
  • Project environment
  • Stakeholders
  • Project charter
  • Steering committee and core team
  • Communication
  • Specification
  • Phase model
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Work package
  • Cost breakdown structure/ budget
  • Process/ time schedule
  • Risk analysis
  • Sub-project manager and work package owner
  • Line, matrix and autonomous
  • Project start-up
  • Project review
  • Project close-out

Project management soft skills:
  • Team building
  • Management
  • Motivation
  • Working in the project team
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Personal success
  • Stress management

What happens if I fail the certification examination?

If you fail the examination, you can retake it with different questions. In this case, you have to pay the examination fee again. If you also fail this second examination, you have to wait for 12 months before you can have another attempt. If you fail for a third time, you are excluded from any further IAPM certification examinations and will not be able to retake the examination again.

What do the selftest and certification examination cost?

The IAPM’s fees are based on the certification candidate’s nationality. This ensures that project managers of all nations can afford our certifications.

You can find information about the fee for the certification and preparatory test that applies to your nationality on our website in the Fee information section. Please remember that IAPM fees are in Swiss francs (CHF) and the corresponding euro or dollar value can fluctuate from day to day, depending on the conversion rate. Invoices are issued in Swiss francs (CHF).

Have you got another question?

You’re very welcome to contact us if you would like us to answer any further questions about "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification.

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