Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)

The certification for senior project managers in traditional management

For whom is the certification suitable?

"Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification is a level for candidates with both knowledge and extensive practical experience in project management. The knowledge questions are based on the content of the Project Managers' Guide (IAPM)
The examination covers both the hard and soft factors of project management.
Candidates for this certification require at least five years of project management experience, three of which in a management position or responsible leadership function.
Please note: Our certifications are offered without preparatory training.

What does the "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification cost?

The certification/examination fee depends on your nationality. This ensures that project managers of all nations can afford our certifications.
Please note that the discount for students, schoolchildren and job seekers is not granted for "Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM)" certification!

Please select your nationality to view the fee that applies to you.
Please note: We use commas as decimal separators instead of dots.
Further information can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)


You can find all the information you need to know about the Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification here.

Am I allowed to use any aid for taking the exam for the Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification?

No. The exam must be taken without any aids. The exam is designed, that there is no time to look up solutions. In order to guarantee compliance with these requirements, you must sign a declaration of affirmation at the time of enrollment, which states, that you will take the exam independently and without assistance.

Are there any trainings that help me preparing me for the Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification?

Yes, we work together with project management trainers, whose seminar contents are focused on the exam for certification as Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM). On our website you have the opportunity to send a request via our certification assistant to find the best trainer for you.

Can I build on my IAPM certificate acquired through a certificate recognition?

Yes, you can use your recognized IAPM certificate as a basis for certification as Cert. International Project Manager (IAPM).

Prerequisite for certification as Cert. International Project Manager (IAPM) is the holding of a certificate as Cert. Project Manager (IAPM), Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM), Cert. Agile Project Manager (IAPM) or Cert. Senior Agile Project Manager (IAPM).

A certificate as Cert. Junior Project Manager (IAPM) or Cert. Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) is not sufficient for certification as Cert. International Project Manager (IAPM).

Can I contact the IAPM in case of ambiguity during the examination for the Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM)?

No. Questions must be answered independently and without any aids. You have confirmed this by accepting the affidavit and thus agreed to these conditions. 

Can I interrupt my Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification exam?

No. Once you have started the exam, the 80 minutes of exam time scheduled for certification as Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM) will begin to run and the time cannot be interrupted.

Can I jump back or forward in questions during the exam of the certification as Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM)?

No. Once you have left a question page, you cannot switch back.

Can I postpone and post-process questions for the Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification exam?

No. You can neither move backwards within the question set nor skip a question set to edit it later. A question cannot be left until it has been answered.

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