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Facts and figures


The IAPM was founded in 1997 as a loosely structured international network for project managers. The first international meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland, in 1999. Further annual meetings have been held in Houston/ USA (2001), Berlin/ Germany (2002), Budapest/Hungary (2004) and New Delhi/India (2005). In 2010 the IAPM published the "PM Guide 2.0" as the basis for IAPM certification.

Then, the project management professionals and scientists formally established the IAPM. It elected the Principality of Liechtenstein as the location of its headquarters and certification body.

In 2012, the IAPM presented the first Project Manager of the Year award for outstanding achievements in project management. It also presents the Book of the Year award at irregular intervals to the authors of project management books.

The IAPM is a registered trademark (CTM trademark and DE trademark) and its business processes and quality management system conform to the international standard ISO 9001 (standard for quality management systems).

Information on certifications and network

Figures 2018/07, since 2011/09:

Passed certification exams:
3,175 examinees from 112 nations

Strategic objective for 2018/12:
3,333 examinees from 110 nations
Achivement of objective 110 nations: 2018/07

Failed certification exams:

Pass rate:

United in IAPM networks*:
19,300 project managers from 112 nations

Strategic objective for 2018/12:
20,000 project managers from 110 nations
Achivement of objective 110 nations: 2018/07

* Networks (e.g. metropolitan area or university networks), social networks (e.g. XING or LinkedIn), professional groups and committees.

The top ten nations of our certificate holders

Germany Germany
Austria Austria
Switzerland Switzerland
India India
Hungary Hungary
Polen Polen
Nigeria Nigeria
Russland Russland
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Niederlande Niederlande
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