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Information about fees

The certification/ examination fee depends on your nationality. This ensures that project managers of all nations can afford our certifications.

Please select your nationality to view the fee that applies to you. You also receive this fee information when you send us your registration.

Please note: We use commas as decimal separators instead of dots.
Further information can be found here.

Special discounts: 20% discount for school children, students, job seekers and active aid organisation personnel

Are you at school, university, looking for a job or an active member of a non-profit organisation with an ID/membership card and interested in an IAPM certification? In that case we offer you a 20% discount (except on Certified Junior Project Manager certification, Certified Junior Agile Project Manager certification and the associated pre-tests).

Here’s how to apply:

  • Send us an e-mail to support@iapm.net with proof of your status (e.g. school ID card, certificate of enrolment, student card, confirmation from an official body, organisation membership/ID card) in digital form, e.g. by scanning the document.
  • We then check whether you are eligible for the discount. If you aren’t we will inform you and if you are, we will send you a discount code.
  • You can then use this code to register and take the self-test or certification examination within 90 days.

Please note that the discount is neither granted for Certified Project Management Trainer (IAPM), Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM) and Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) certification and the associated pre-tests nor certificate recognitions and upgrades!

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