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About which topics are lectures given at IAPM network meetings?

At network meetings current projects for modern project managers are thematised or new developments in project management are discussed. On-site visits of interesting companies and their projects can also be part of the program.

Are IAPM network meetings charged?

In most cases, IAPM network meetings are free of charge. Fees are incurred at IAPM network meetings when specials, such as tours or exhibitions are offered.

Can I also give a presentation at an IAPM network meeting?

The program and the respective topics of the network meetings are arranged by the responsible Network Official. The IAPM is pleased about your suggested presentation and interesting external input, which will be forwarded to the responsible Network Official. Please feel free to contact us.

Can only IAPM certificate holders participate in an IAPM network meeting?

The network meetings are open to anyone who is interested in the subject of "project management". You can register for your favorite IAPM network meeting on the IAPM website.

Do I have to sign up for an IAPM event?

If you would like to attend one of the IAPMevent, please register via the repsective event page. But also spontaneous participants without registration are always welcome at events, if there are no restrictions concerning the number of participants.

How to define IAPM network meetings?

The network meetings have been held since 2013. In a pleasant atmosphere, we regularly invite all those who are interested in project management and in the IAPM to exciting lectures at various locations. Most of the network meetings take place in the evening. Afterwards, the participants can exchange ideas, make contacts and expand their network.

What are IAPM Officials and what are their duties?

The IAPM Officials and Senior Officials are deployed in their respective metropolitan regions. Here they organise IAPM network meetings and are contacts for organisational questions. Their task is to represent the IAPM outwardly and to offer all those interested in IAPM added value by exciting events/lectures, etc. They also maintain contact with companies and project managers in the respective region.

What is the average duration of an IAPM network meeting?

Typically, the maximum duration of the IAPM network meetings is between three and four hours. The beginning is usually around 6.00 p.m.

Where can I sign up for an IAPM event?

You have the possibility to register for the selcted IAPM event via the IAPM website

Where do I get information about the dates of IAPM network meetings?

First, you have the opportunity to get an overview of the upcoming events on our website. We also share upcoming events via our social media channels.

Where do IAPM network meetings take place?

The venue for the IAPM network meetings will be selected by the respective organisers. This can be in a company whose employees give a lecture, or even a restaurant, a meeting room, a museum or similar.

Who gives lectures at IAPM network meetings?

Presentations are held primarily by project managers from medium-sized companies or large international corporations, but also coaches and trainers have moderated and organised evenings so far. The speakers will be selected and invited in compliance with the theme of the evening. If you are interested in giving a speech at an IAPM networking event or otherwise engage in networking events, please feel free to contact us.

Who organises IAPM network meetings?

The IAPM network meetings are organised by IAPM Network Officials.

The IAPM certification

The certification can be taken via a reputable online examination procedure. The costs are based on the gross domestic product of your country of origin.

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