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What are IAPM Officials and what are their duties?

The IAPM Officials and Senior Officials are deployed in their respective metropolitan regions. Here they organise IAPM network meetings and are contacts for organisational questions. Their task is to represent the IAPM outwardly and to offer all those interested in IAPM added value by exciting events/lectures, etc. They also maintain contact with companies and project managers in the respective region.

What is IAPM's organisation like?

The IAPM is not an association of members, which means that there are no paying members.
IAPM is headed by the executive board. Furthermore, there are numerous volunteers who help to shape the association. These include the IAPM advisory board, which is responsible for publications such as the PM Guide and technical questions, and the IAPM Ambassadors, who are particularly committed to IAPM and its dissemination, as well as the IAPM Senior Officials and Officials, who organise network meetings in their respective regions and are contacts for companies and interested parties in their area.

What is the difference between an IAPM Official and an IAPM Senior Official?

The IAPM Senior Official is the executive Official and has a senior certification level. He is also the contact person and mentor for his Officials.
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