IAPM mentioned as certification body at Online PM Courses

IAPM mentioned as certification body at Online PM Courses 18.10.2018 - The page "Online PM Courses" by Dr. Mike Clayton offers various courses on the topic of project management, including traditional and agile project management. In addition to these courses, a lot of information and materials are available on this site for those interested in project management. Especially worth mentioning are the short videos "Project Management in under 5". Dr. Clayton explains relevant project management topics in less than five minutes. These videos are published monthly and are ideal for getting an insight into a specific topic.  For those project managers who prefer to read rather than watch videos, the site provides a number of articles.

Dr. Clayton, like many other project management training providers, is concerned with how the different certification bodies differ from each other. For this reason, two articles have been published on his site that compare common PM organisations.

Project Management Qualification: Should I or Shouldn't I? deals with the fundamental question of whether certification makes sense and for whom which certification is particularly suitable. In this article the three certification bodies PMI, APM and IAPM are compared with each other. The author starts with the initial certifications (Cert. Junior Project Manager (IAPM)), continues writing about the basic certifications (Cert. Project Manager (IAPM)) and concludes his comparison with the certifications with deeper experience (Cert. Senior Project Manager (IAPM)). In order to give readers a good overview of the different levels of certification, some information is provided on each of them and the advantages of a certification are explained.

The second article Agile Certification: Your Guide to the Large Array of Agile Qualifications deals with the agile certification levels, in contrast to the first article. On the one hand, he mentions PM organisations that have specialised in agile project management, third-party organisations that also offer agile project management, and large certification bodies, including the IAPM. It also starts with the description with the junior degree and ends with the senior.

We are very pleased that the IAPM is mentioned as a major player in project management, especially in the area of certifications, and we would like to thank Dr. Mike Clayton for his support.

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