One hundred nations united under the IAPM umbrella!

One hundred nations united under the IAPM umbrella! 28.09.2017 - The IAPM team has informed me that we have now broken through the 100 country mark. The recent addition of Armenia to our list of countries now means that we have project managers from 100 different countries who have passed one of the IAPM examinations (achieving certification in Classic, Agile or International project management). We would like to warmly congratulate our colleagues from Yerevan in Armenia on passing their examinations. I would also like to highly praise and acknowledge all the tremendous efforts undertaken by the IAPM team and everyone who has helped us in recent years to become the most successful project management association. Our growth figures speak for themselves not only in terms of the number of certificates awarded, but also in relation to the many other activities which we have become noted for.

The IAPM is at the forefront when it comes to the development of Agile process models and intercultural project management. It became apparent very early on that a new development has emerged in project management resulting in a greater focus on Agile methods on the one hand and more intercultural team work on the other.  This now runs through all areas in our companies and projects. 

Agile project management makes it possible to respond quickly and creatively to the changing requirements of customers and markets. It is a mindset and an approach that uses an open tool box with coaching tools, which improve collaborative working, and it also presents opportunities to reduce complexity. However, concepts and approaches found in Agile process models are often met with resistance and a lack of understanding in conservative companies or those that have been established for many years. Hybrid or graduated models provide a way to proceed more cautiously. A white paper has been recently published by the IAPM which explains Classic, Lean and Agile project management in detail. Companies that adopt different approaches can draw upon and use various customised options and mixed forms (hybrid).

Project managers working with international project teams from diverse backgrounds not only have to ensure that challenging project goals are achieved, but they also have to straighten out any issues that occur between the team members due to cultural differences and communication problems. The IAPM is making a significant contribution to the development of project management and providing excellent support to project managers with the International PM Guide 2.0 and the IAPM International Project Manager certification programme (IAPM).

The IAPM places a great deal of value on complete transparency. It is easy to access up-to-date information on the IAPM website on the number of certificates awarded, the scope of the network and the number of countries who are involved.

We are expanding our collaborative work with universities, academies and chambers of commerce and industry. The number of project managers in the IAPM network has now increased to 14,100 from 100 different countries - and we are continuing to grow!
Dr. Hans Stromeyer, Chairman of the Management Board
IAPM International Association of Project Managers

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