We support people who help others - with a 20% discount

We support people who help others - with a 20% discount 06.09.2016 - Bund Naturschutz and Greenpeace are committed to environmental protection, while Technische Hilfswerk (THW) and the Red Cross focus on humanitarian aid. They are just four of many organisations that are doing a great job. These organisations have networks of employees and volunteers who are committed to non-profit activities such as protecting our planet’s flora and fauna, or helping people who desperately need support in crisis regions or disaster areas.

An earthquake in Italy recently shook the European community. It happened in the picturesque region surrounding Amatrice on the night of 24/25 August 2016, flattening villages, destroying houses, churches and restaurants, and resulting in many families losing all of their possessions almost instantly.

Aid organisations such as the THW were ready for deployment to the earthquake region in central Italy, where they helped with the rescue operation. They are also involved in clearing rubble and assisting Italy with the reconstruction work.

There are many irreplaceable organisations around the world that are ready to provide protection and assistance at the drop of a hat, and this is often only possible thanks to the many years they have invested in training. Without them, it would be impossible to implement a great many projects, both large and small, that benefit people and the environment.

We want to honour this commitment by supporting people who help others. From now on, all active members of non-profit associations and organisations who help others get a 20% discount on our certifications (with the exception of Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM) and the associated pre-test). To get the discount, scan your membership or ID card that your organisation has issued to you and mail it to support@iapm-cert.net. When the IAPM has verified your eligibility for the discount you will be sent a discount code to use when you register for certification. Here is an overview of our certifications so that you can select the one that meets your needs.

Effective and successful project management is absolutely essential in a crisis. Do you want your organisation/ association’s personnel to be trained by experienced project management trainers with international backgrounds? Get in touch with our certification assistance!

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