Network Meeting University in Nuremberg on 10 May 2016: Workshops and Presentation

Network Meeting University in Nuremberg on 10 May 2016: Workshops and Presentation 05.04.2016 - We’d like to invite anyone who is interested in the IAPM and project management to a meeting that has been organised by the IAPM Network University for young project managers and students.

Each of the network meetings features a presentation by a project management expert. In this case it is Dr Roland Ottmann, the renowned project management trainer, on the subject of “Star gazing ... and how it is related to large-scale projects”. He will be sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of managing large-scale projects and discussing his ideas with participants. The presentation covers subjects such as stakeholder management and environment analyses, and it includes lots of useful advice on organisation-related topics such as structure, design and tools for systematic project implementation.
Project management experts from the “Einfachstimmig“ company will also be running a workshop on project manager potential.
As is the case at all IAPM meetings, there will be an opportunity to swap business cards and network after the workshop.
We hope you’ll be able to make it and look forward to seeing you. If you’d like to bring along another guest, just let us know when you register.
Participation in the network meeting is free of charge.
Kind regards,
Johannes Scholz
Official Network University
Event details

Tuesday 10 May 2016 at 5.30 pm
End of the event: 8.30 p.m. at the latest
Bahnhofstraße 55
90402 Nürnberg 

There will be somebody in the lobby to show you the way to the event room.

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