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Gmail: How to create a "never send it to spam"-filter

Sometimes it happens that our messages arrive in the spam folder for reasons that are difficult for us to understand. This problem often occurs with Gmail or Googlemail. You can circumvent this issue on your own in just a few steps, namely by adding all IAPM-e-mail-addresses to your whitelist. 
We explain how to do this step by step below.

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In 5 steps to a properly set filter

Step 1

1. Open your Gmail inbox and click on the gear icon to open "quick settings".

Step 2

2. Click on "See all setting" to get access to all settings.

Step 3

3. Click on "Filters and Blocked Adresses".

Step 4

4. Now you can "Create a new filter".

Step 5

5. To prevent any email from IAPM from being sent to the spam folder, enter "@iapm.net" in the field "from".
6. Click on "create filter" to proceed.

Step 6

7. Select "Never send it to Spam".
8. Afterwards, confirm your changes by clicking on "Create filter".
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