The IAPM shifts the focus of its activities to intercultural competence as the result of a survey of project managers.

The IAPM shifts the focus of its activities to intercultural competence as the result of a survey of project managers. 28.11.2013 - Around half of the respondents stated that the majority of the projects they work in are international projects. 67 % of respondents were members of project teams covering two or more cultural groups. “Working in Asia demands a considerable knowledge of the local mentality and sensitivity to the country’s everyday culture,“ said Dr. Roland Ottmann, Chairman of the IAPM Council of Experts. “The frequently quoted example that the word “no“ doesn’t exist in some parts of Asia and that a “yes“ doesn’t necessarily mean “yes” makes it clear how friction losses can occur in transcultural projects. Since no appropriate training courses have been available in the past which specifically cater to the needs of project managers, the IAPM has decided to introduce the new certificate as a means of closing a gap that should never have existed for so long in the first place.”

The new certificate will be available in December 2013. Candidates wishing to obtain certification have to furnish proof of holding an IAPM certificate, such as Senior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) or Certified Project Manager (IAPM). “Since the issue of intercultural competence depends to a great extent on a project manager’s personal experiences and, ultimately, is about extending our people skills, our training partners will be providing preparatory courses as of December. We believe that a face-to-face training scenario is the most sensible option, partly because the trainer can then address the specific cultures that the participants work in,” explained Dr. Roland Ottmann. Obviously, it is also possible to obtain a certificate of international or intercultural competence without attending a course or coaching workshop.

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