Status Quo (Scaled) Agile – 4th study on benefits and success factors of agile methods

Status Quo (Scaled) Agile – 4th study on benefits and success factors of agile methods 12.11.2019 - In the last few years, the topic agility has become an increasingly important part of project work: Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking - especially in IT companies it is hard to imagine life without these methods. But also in other - traditional - companies agile methods gain more and more importance.

For the fourth time, the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz is conducting a study on the topic "Status Quo (Scaled) Agile" to answer questions regarding agile project work:

- How widespread is agile project work in practice?
- How successful are agile projects compared to traditional ones?
- Are team members in agile projects more satisfied than their colleagues in traditional projects?
- How well traditional and agile approaches can be combined?

Participants in this survey answer these and other interesting questions within 20 minutes.  As a reward for their participation, interested participants receive a detailed study report, which is sent to them by e-mail before the general publication.

Prof. Dr. Komus and his team are looking forward to numerous participations by following the link below:

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