Project management software: factro develops notification system

Project management software: factro develops notification system 25.07.2019 - factro from Germany is still considered an insider tip among PM tools, but the underdog from Bochum is increasingly developing into a real alternative to the US players Asana, Trello & Co. The new software release includes the further development of an intelligent notification system.

Message centre as personal assistant
"The demand for a clever notification system that not only informs project managers about project progress, but also provides all employees and guest users with relevant news and takes on the job of a personal assistant has been particularly high in recent weeks and months," says product manager Marvin Schuchert.
The new notification system from factro combines the functions of a classic message centre with those of a personal assistant. This supports every employee in keeping an eye on the essentials, accelerating decisions and reacting quickly to changes in the project.

factro takes care of you
In the future there won’t be any bad surprises: factro takes care of you and warns you before it is too late. The deadline of important tasks comes closer and is in danger? Don't worry! factro reports critical tasks where the end date is approaching or has already passed. This means that deadlines are no longer overlooked and you can act quickly.
factro also warns at an early stage in the event of date conflicts between predecessor and successor tasks or short-term increased expenses that endanger the success of the project. This allows you to intervene in time, request for support or postpone deadlines.

Individually configurable settings
Each user can decide on his or her own which changes he or she would like to be informed about. Basically, this is possible for changes in all fields and can be configured individually:
Whether checked to-do-lists, new comments or uploaded documents in a task, changed efforts or task periods, received reading rights, changed priorities and much more. Of course, there are also pre-defined standard settings that can be adjusted as required.

Subscribe to tasks saves time
Are there certain projects or tasks in which you are not directly involved, but where you would like to be up to date? From now on, employees with appropriate reading permission can also subscribe to individual projects, packages and tasks in order to always be up to date on certain topics.
Colleagues don’t have to waste time in asking around searching for the task, but they now also have the necessary transparency of knowledge in meetings and votes.

Receiving important news by email
Each user can also determine whether he or she only receives all news in the tool itself - as with Facebook - by clicking on the globe, or whether he or she should also be informed of certain changes by e-mail or, in the future, by push notification on his or her smartphone. For example, if important milestones have been reached or traffic lights are set to "red".
The active control of factro is no longer necessary. This proves to be particularly practical for "infrequent users" who are only consulted for certain tasks. A predecessor task has been completed so that you can start with your to-do? factro informs in real time by e-mail.

Notifications as a management view for decision makers
In addition to the information and warning function, the notifications also provide a perfect management view to quickly screen all important information on relevant projects and tasks, monitor project progress and keep up to date. Here, managers in particular can see at a glance where “the heat is on" and where they still need to be supported. In this way, you bring your topics safely, successfully and quickly to their goal.
About factro ( ):
factro is more than a modern, user-oriented PM tool. In addition to smart workflows and features, the all-rounder with its strong service and German server location is particularly convincing due to its tidy user interface and intuitive operation. And yet factro stands like no other tool for "hybrid project management". It combines approaches from classic project management with the agile world and thus builds a bridge between MS Project and Trello.
A clever mix that combines the best of agile and classic - and for good reason: The software is developed by SCHUCHERT MANAGEMENTBERATUNG from the feedback of numerous customers as well as more than 25 years of experience in project and management consulting. factro knows the realities of companies better than any other tool.



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