Introducing Dr Berta Coromayh Schreckeneder, Coach

Introducing Dr Berta Coromayh Schreckeneder, Coach 11.01.2016 - “Good work is always based on good relationships“ is the motto of Munich-based coach and personal advisor, Dr Berta Coromayh Schreckeneder. She was a guest speaker at an IAPM Network Meeting in Munich in summer 2015, where she talked on the subject of “Management is Relationship Building“ and shared some interesting insights into her work with the participants. That’s why we’re presenting Dr Berta Coromayh Schreckender in the IAPM blog.

Her company Viewconsult provides workshops on relationship building in management and mediation, and its “Relationship Classes“ teach participants how to build a loving relationship with themselves.

She believes that effective relationship building should be practiced in all areas of our life and work, though it is perceived more strongly in a project management situation than in a line management situation. In her experience, projects tend to fail or don’t deliver the expected outcome when relationships are difficult.
Strong relationships are generally all about staying one step ahead. They’re a definite competitive advantage in business.

Dr Coromayh Schreckeneder is very passionate about coaching people on relationship issues. The many years that she spent working in projects led her to the realisation that relationships are just as important as proficiency in project management methods - a recognition that is reflected in the IAPM’s certifications. Knowledge and competence in communication, teamworking, self-management and stress management are important elements of our certifications, which is why the IAPM-certified training partners cover them in their courses. They are also important criteria for the selection of the “Project Manager of the Year“.

Dr Coromayh Schreckeneder wrote this about relationship work: “… sometimes people don’t realise that you have to be attentive to relationships. Also, you can’t learn how to be good at relationships like you can learn project management methods. The most important thing is to consciously enter into relationships.” This takes courage and an awareness of the relationship with ourselves and how we project ourselves to other people. So the basis of good relationships with others is a good relationship with ourselves.

The participants in her courses and workshops learn about how to manage their private and professional relationships in the Fine Relationship Kitchen.
In addition to working as a relationship coach, a mediator, presenter, speaker and workshop leader, Dr Coromayh Schreckeneder writes her own blog and has published numerous specialist articles and books.

Interested? Take a look on for further information about our Network Meeting speaker Dr Coromayh Schreckeneder.

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