On our own account: IAPM Vice President and GPM Delegate

On our own account: IAPM Vice President and GPM Delegate 17.09.2015 - During the holiday period, I received extremely gratifying news. As some of you may already know, this year I agreed to stand as a candidate for election as GPM Delegate. I have been Vice President of the IAPM, International Association of Project Managers, since July 1, 2015, and as of July 31, 2015, I am now also the Delegate for the GPM, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement, - an appointment that means a great deal to me. Let me begin by saying that the IAPM as a trade association focuses on benefits for project managers, and that is why I have decided to make an active contribution within this association.

Initially, I was Chairman of the Advisory Board, now I am looking forward to fulfilling my new position as Vice President. Much has happened at the IAPM over the past few years. Among other things, a new certification system for traditional, agile, and international project management and the associated principles of certification have been developed, which you can download from the IAPM website free of charge as PM Guide 2.0, Agile PM Guide 2.0 or International PM Guide 2.0. Whether network meetings or professional exchanges with top people from the field of project management: All of this can be organised at the IAPM in an extremely relaxed and results-oriented manner. And now I am back at the GPM after nearly a decade without any active involvement in the association? Yes, since I am convinced that this is a good extension, and because I want to actively contribute in enabling project managers to progress and educate themselves further without any problems in tandem with their already stressful everyday working lives. I therefore decided to stand as a candidate for the position of GPM Delegate, and I am delighted to have been elected. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all those GPM members who gave me their vote, and in doing so expressed their faith in me.

I regard the IAPM and GPM as being mutually complementary organisations, and I will play my part in ensuring that every project manager will be able to derive the maximum benefit from both associations.

Sincerely yours,
Roland Ottmann

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