Introducing IAPM Training Partner Michael Taube

Introducing IAPM Training Partner Michael Taube 12.01.2015 - Michael Taube has been an IAPM International Association of Project Managers official training partner since October 2014. In his blog contribution he introduces himself and his company, and explains why he decided to collaborate with the IAPM:

I’ve spent my entire career in projects. And I’ve always loved the fact that my profession involves trying out new things, as well as the development and implementation part. My two favourite sectors are the ICT industry and higher education. I did a degree in IT and then went on to work mainly in that sector. Most of the courses that I took were also IT-related.

In 2010 I took part in my first project management course. After that, my work moved into a new dimension and I developed a passion for project management. I learned to structure my work, assign activities more effectively and manage my time better. As a result of those improvements both my team and I were much more relaxed and focused on the project.

In 2011 I founded MT Consulting, a project management consultancy and coaching company where I am now also offering preparatory courses for IAPM certifications. According to the motto of “If you’re a Jack of all trades, you're a master of none“, I have established myself as a project manager and project management trainer. I’m convinced that a methodical approach to project implementation makes the whole process much easier and more reliable. Having a realistically good idea of how a project should be implemented creates the necessary action framework. And it isn’t important whether the framework is defined by a static or agile project management system. That depends on the sector and the project deliverable.

Current projects that I am managing include a logistics project for a food manufacturing company, the introduction of a logistics concept for an airline catering firm and the development of an e-commerce platform.
Some of the interesting projects that I have already closed out include a project to improve the efficiency of the central technology at the “Alte Stadthaus“, a research and development project entitled “Self-organising Wireless Sensor Networks“ and a project to develop a chapter for the BSI Basic Protection Manual. The diversity of these projects makes it clear that a methodical, systematic approach is the key to implementing all kinds of projects.

I have IAPM (Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM) and Certified Project Management Trainer (IAPM)) certification, GPM certification and I’m also an official IAPM training partner. The courses are practically oriented and the examinations are based on neutral and comprehensible standards. The IAPM also offers excellent documentation. These are all things I can identify with.

Most of my courses are public courses in Berlin, but I am also available to take courses anywhere in German speaking countries.

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