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IAPM Essentials December 13, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Does high velocity lead to burnout? That may be the wrong question to ask.
In Scrum, velocity plays an important role. But what exactly is velocity? Basically, it is the work in story points that the Developers achieve per Sprint. But it's not that easy to measure velocity without it becoming just another number. For example, it is not possible to compare the velocity of different projects to find out how much more time one project takes compared to another, because the products are different, and the people involved can also be different. When "optimising" velocity becomes the main goal, quality and morale can decrease because time pressure is created. When this point is reached, it becomes noticeable that the team no longer makes good decisions and team members burn out. So how can you prevent the team from suffering burnout due to too much velocity? Read the article to find out the answer.
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Agile Principles – Early Value Delivery
When developing a product, it is possible to work in small steps - incremental - and in repeating cycles - iterative - towards a larger goal. In this way, developers learn a lot about the product as they work on it. These small steps lead to valuable software from time to time. If wishes or requirements change, then it is not a big effort to incorporate them. Each time an increment is finished, the product can be evaluated, and the necessary changes can be made on a small scale. In non-incremental development, changes would have to be made to the big picture, which is a much greater effort than the adjustments made in incremental development. Although incremental development offers this great advantage, it is not so easy to transition from developing a "whole" product to developing at the subtask level. This transition is only possible if modern technical procedures are used, and a mindset change takes place among the people involved. Especially in the beginning, it may seem that development takes longer than before. This is because the employees first have to get used to the changes. But once they get used to it, it becomes easier. Read the original article to learn more about Early Value Delivery.
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Columbo: I have one more question... - German language
There are different types of disagreements or conflicts. In a disagreement, one person has a different opinion than the other person. However, both persons are looking for a way to resolve this situation. The situation is different with a conflict, where one person wants to be right and resolving the situation is not the main focus. Unlike a disagreement, in a conflict both parties are emotionally involved. And yet, conflicts should always be resolved, and there are various ways of resolving them that can be derived from Inspector Columbo: You should never let your emotions overtake you, you should be aware that a person is reacting emotionally at the moment, and you should always resolve emotional conflicts afterwards. Working together in a team is often not easy, especially because you cannot choose your colleagues. But as long as you are aware that some situations only arise out of emotions, you can resolve them with a cool head. Want to know in detail what's behind Columbo's three resolution strategies? Find out in the original article.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

The Scrum Game: 5 vermeidbare Anti-Pattern beim Starten mit Scrum
(en.: The Scrum Game: 5 avoidable anti-patterns when starting with Scrum)
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Why Too Many Scrum Masters Are Not Ready for This Tricky Job
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Hybrides Projektmanagement – der Turbo für DevOps-Teams - Embedded Software Engineering
(en.: Hybrid project management - the turbo for DevOps teams - Embedded Software Engineering)
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Flight Level – Flughöhen deiner agilen Organisation
(en.: Flight Level - Flight altitudes of your agile organisation)
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E-Mail Bearbeitung: Mit der 5-Schritte-Regel zur Empty Inbox (inkl. Video-Tutorial)
(en.: E-mail processing: With the 5-step rule to the Empty Inbox (including video tutorial))
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Mission statements are worse than worthless
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9 Practices that Haunt Developers Working with Scrum
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Warum sich Manager mit der Toyota Kata schwertun
(en.: Why managers struggle with the Toyota Kata)
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Creating a Decision Journal: Template And Example Included
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Der Voldemort-Prozess
(en.: The Voldemort process)
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