The IAPM allows holders of certificates from other project management associations to apply for Certified International Project Manager certification.

The IAPM allows holders of certificates from other project management associations to apply for Certified International Project Manager certification. 24.03.2014 - In January 2014 the IAPM introduced a new certification. “Certified International Project Manager (IAPM)” closes a gap in the IAPM’s project management certification portfolio and provides employers, employees and project partners with confirmation of the certificate holders’ international and intercultural project management expertise. “It’s a long overdue certificate,” commented Dr. Roland Ottmann, Chairman of the IAPM’s Council of Experts, “Because projects involving a collaboration of people and companies in several countries and on different continents are the norm today. That’s why there is such high demand for a certification programme that specifically prepares project managers for and confirms their competence in international projects . Despite the urgent need for it, we are the first project management association to have gone to the trouble of developing a suitable training and certification programme.”

Excellent knowledge base for international recognition

Project managers who would like to gain Certified International Project Manager (IAPM) certification need to be well versed in the “basics“ of traditional or agile project management. The new certificate is designed for project management experts and focuses exclusively on the international and intercultural aspects of project planning and implementation. “Anyone who wants to apply for the new IAPM certification has to be IAPM-certified as Project Manager or Senior Project Manager. This guarantees that Certified International Project Manager (IAPM) certificate holders will have the necessary high level of competence for the certification’s international recognition. Many organisations today want to know the precise content of certification programmes and the level being certified when people present certificates to them - and I think they’re absolutely entitled to do that,“ said Dr. Roland Ottmann.
Access options for all certificate holders

Colleagues who have traditional or agile project management certificates from other associations can have their certificates recognised by the IAPM. Then they can apply for Certified International Project Manager (IAPM) certification and stay at the forefront of their profession in this age of genuine globalisation. “I think that’s only fair,“ said Dr. Roland Ottmann. “After all, we aim to support project managers in overcoming professional challenges with all means possible... and not to exclude colleagues simply because they obtained their project management certification from another association.”

This credo is also reflected in the IAPM’s rules on certificate recognition:

You retain your existing certificate from another association and, after a detailed review, you will be issued with an equivalent IAPM certificate.

Your IAPM certificate has lifetime validity, as do all IAPM certificates, so re-certification is not necessary.

The IAPM also recognises expired or non-recertified certificates.

You can apply for certification recognition in an online process. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

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The IAPM certification

The certification can be taken via a reputable online examination procedure. The costs are based on the gross domestic product of your country of origin.

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