The Power of Scrum is IAPM Book of the Year.

The Power of Scrum is IAPM Book of the Year. 25.10.2013 - “What does rugby have to do with developing software?” This is the first sentence in the book that the IAPM’s independent jury selected as Project Management Book of the Year. The Book of the Year is called “The Power of Scrum“ – a gripping business fable that provides an excellent overview of agile project management and makes very light reading. “The Power of Scrum“ is definitely not a traditional text book. In fact, it reads just as fluidly as a novel.

With its Book of the Year Award, the IAPM promotes awareness for professional books that make a special contribution to the project management world, are easy to read and deliver knowledge that can be directly applied in practice.

The three authors who wrote The Power of Scrum have impressively shown that taking your first literary steps in the world of agile project management can be an enjoyable experience. They tell the story of project manager Mark Berner, the beleaguered CTO for a software company on the brink of disaster after six months of repeated delays, a situation that many project managers will be familiar with. With the help of Scrum coach Jerry, he introduces the structure and rules of Scrum and learns how to apply them so he can align the team with the customer and its wishes. Mark Berner gradually becomes a scrum expert, as does the reader, who gets a first hand experience of the project being saved and the introduction of the new project management structures at Mark’s company. This unconventional knowledge communication format was devised by three proven agile project management experts.

Henning Wolf, author of the german edition, is CEO, trainer and consultant at it-agile GmbH, probably the most famous agile software development service provider in Germany. Rini van Solingen is an independent consultant and part-time professor of Global Software Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Eelco Rustenburg heads the Agile Consultancy Services and Training Department at Xebia, one of the most important Scrum pioneers in the Netherlands. The IAPM would like to congratulate them all on winning this significant project management award.

Henning Wolf, Rini van Solingen und Eelco Rustenburg: Die Kraft von Scrum: Inspiration zur revolutionärsten Projektmanagement-Methode. Addison-Wesley Verlag

Jeff Sutherland, Rini van Solingen, Eelco Rustenburg. The Power of Scrum. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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