A common denominator for project management: KS Aluminium-Technologie and KS Kolbenschmidt have had their project managers IAPM certified

05.03.2013 - The IAPM (International Association of Project Managers) has another success story to report. When the KSPG Group implemented a restructuring programme in 2012, it selected a number of project managers in its automotive units KS Aluminium-Technologie GmbH (ATAG) and KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH for IAPM certification. The objective was to strengthen the project management organisation and optimise the two units’ international project team collaboration.

Jörg Völler, project manager of many years at KS Aluminium-Technologie, explained why the company had opted for IAPM certification: “The IAPM certification programme is optimally tailored to the needs of busy project managers. My schedule is extremely tight and I was only able take part in the certification process because the training was provided on an in-house basis here at the company and I was able to take the examination online. I’m delighted that I had the opportunity to obtain the certification. It’s a great reward for all the hard work we do.”

Project managers and senior project managers working in project management and IT were selected for certification. Völler commented, “The certification is very useful for younger colleagues who have just graduated from high school or university because it helps them to structure their day-to-day work. We applied the new knowledge in the very next project and openly communicated the procedural changes to stakeholders as the result of certification.“

Bringing different methods down to a common denominator
The restructuring of the project management organisation is associated with greater operational responsibility for the departments and a stronger strategic focus on their business segments. Additional benefits of the new structure from the company’s viewpoint are opportunities to establish and improve cross-division processes.

The first step was to arrange standard certification for all project managers because the two automotive units were each using different project management methods. Certification and the preparatory training have helped to improve communication between the project managers on both sides and pave the way for a standardised approach to project management.

Ten-days of in-house training were provided over a three-month period by the IAPM’s partner, Ottmann & Partner. Further project managers will be obtaining IAPM certification this year. Different departments will receive training so that they can gain a better understanding of the project management methods and roles within the organisation.

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The IAPM certification

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