eBook Tip: Lego4Scrum: A Complete Guide to #lego4scrum

eBook Tip: Lego4Scrum: A Complete Guide to #lego4scrum 29.12.2017 - The third edition of the bestseller Lego4Scrum appeared in book shops at the beginning of this year. Alexey Krivitsky originally published his Lego4Scrum approach in 2009 and he has been developing it ever since. His third book on the subject is now available and is again enjoying great popularity. The third edition particularly stands out because it is even more comprehensive than its predecessors.
The foreword has been written by acclaimed author and Agile and Lean coach Henrik Kniberg. The book does not just provide a summary of all the instructions that should be followed when conducting Lego4Scrum workshops, but it also provides accounts of individual experiences people across the world have had when using this concept over recent years. 
What is Lego4Scrum exactly?

The Lego4Scrum approach does not just use Lego blocks to command the attention of participants during workshops and to get them excited about the subject of Scrum and Agile management, the approach actually goes much deeper. Various techniques are provided in Alexey Krivitsky’s book which have their roots in Agile Management. These techniques specifically include story mapping; Scrum methods in interdisciplinary teams; magic estimates as an alternative to conventional planning; backlog refinement incorporating several teams; and the continuous development and integration of Agile methods in different working environments. The book has been refined with all kinds of useful tips and tricks which are relevant not just for Scrum Trainers and Scrum Masters but also for anyone working at management level who is interested in the subject.

Lego4Scrum across the world

Project managers from different cultures and all possible industry sectors have taken up the Lego4Scrum approach in groups of 10 to 150 participants. Valuable experience has been gained and new knowledge has come to light. Through actively implementing this approach, the new edition of this bestselling book can now introduce a completely new type of Lego4Scrum. The book is written for Scrum Trainers who want to allow playful elements to flow into their workshops and courses. Lego4Scrum is intended to enhance the Scrum approach and to ensure that everyone who is taking part in the training is fully involved. When using Lego4Scrum, Scrum Masters and Scrum Trainers working in Agile project management will find new and fresh ideas that will encourage their teams to think more deeply in a playful and exciting way. In actual fact, lecturers and professors at universities have also been using the Lego4Scrum approach in order to make their courses even more engaging – after all, there is barely anything easier for pupils and students than playing! However, Lego4Scrum is also aimed at companies who want to integrate an agile way of thinking into their working environment. 
The book is available here on Amazon in the Kindle version.

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