The IAPM has announced its Project Manager of the Year 2012

20.09.2012 - Jörg Völler, employee of KS Aluminium-Technologie announced as "Project Manager of the Year"

Frankfurt, 20 September 2012 - The IAPM (International Association of Project Managers) has announced its Project Manager of the Year 2012. Jörg Völler, project manager at KS Aluminium-Technologie GmbH, accepted the award and certificate from IAPM’s representatives Dr. Hans Stromeyer and Antje Funck. This is the first year that the award has been presented. It was initiated by the IAPM as a means of paying tribute to IAPM-certified project managers for excellence in project management.

Völler commented: “I’m glad I found time to do the certification and it’s great to be rewarded like this for the effort. I have such a tight schedule that the only way for me to get IAPM certification was by attending an in-house workshop at our company and taking the examination online. The IAPM certification programme is tailored to the needs of busy project managers. It offers the internationally recognised Certified Project Manager, Certified Senior Project Manager and Certified Scrum Manager certifications online and provides the documents that are necessary to prepare for certification, such as the PM Guide 2.0, as downloads on its website.

Automotive projects with vast budgets
The Project Manager of the Year isn’t selected by a jury. The title is awarded on the basis of neutral criteria and personal evaluations provided by managers and colleagues. Völler passed the Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM) examination with a distinction, he obtained the highest score of all the project managers certified in the last twelve months for his project experience and he is described by his own company as an exemplary project manager. Völler has been working at KS Aluminium-Technologie since 2005. One of the projects that he has managed during this time is a project for the development of cast parts for Audi V6 and V8 cylinder casings. The projects that he submitted for certification assessment purposes had several year durations and substantial budgets. Völler was responsible for all project stages, from prototype to series production. He was also accountable for deadline adherence and budget compliance.

“One very impressive aspect of this year’s Project Manager of the Year award winner is that all of his colleagues gave him top marks for his interpersonal skills,” added IAPM EU representative Antje Funck. “These soft factors are a very important aspect of IAPM certification because to be a successful project manager, you have to cater to the needs of people who have very different characters, people at different levels of the hierarchy and people in different stakeholder groups. This is the only way to build up the necessary acceptance for the project.”

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