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Dear Project Managers,

Lately, we have been facing one of the most challenging times in our younger history and I have been incredibly proud to see how the IAPM community has come together in these hard times. All persons in charge of IAPM across our various networks have attempted to find solutions how to modify and adapt our processes in order to be able to improve our virtual project managers’ association. Our priority is to ensure that our certificants can continue their studies and complete their tests and exams online by providing extensive help and support throughout the whole process.

I am pleased to announce that as a major step we are launching the web-learning for Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM). This contains a home working project, questions and answers, as well as other resources. This enables the certificants to practice project management by individual web-training and instant feedback. Our support service is continuing as normal ensuring that all our certificants have the opportunity to finish their examination process. Additional assistance will be given by our new certification assistant.

As you will know, IAPM was founded in 1997 to support project managers and help train future project managers. Our purpose ‘to promote project management competence’ is just as relevant today as it was then. Now more than ever, we need to come together, profit from each other‘s experiences and support the community of project managers, our certificants and tomorrow’s project managers across the globe. So that once we have come through this latest crisis, we will be prepared at our very best to tackle the challenges of new and never known projects. IAPM project managers are in key positions to affect change all over the world, ready to employ their skills and ensure projects thrive after this current crisis. Indeed, COVID-19 may become the latest example of how IAPM continues to work with projects in difficult times.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with the IAPM Network Officials or Support Team for support during this time.

Stay home and stay healthy!

With warm regards,
Author: Dr. Roland Ottmann

Keywords: Management, Project Management, e-Learning

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