The Best Degrees in Project Management for Associates

An associate degree is the lowest type of degree. While an associate's degree in project management won't land you the best job, this degree will allow you to get into the field and get entry-level positions. It is possible to gain experience, internships or employment.
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Certificate vs. Associate

Many schools offer certificates in many areas, including project management and business administration. These certificates usually last one to two years and are focused on a single subject. Certificates of the IAPM on the other hand are valid a lifetime. They can be extremely valuable since they are widely accepted and meet the requirements of the ISO 9001.

What degrees are available in project management associate studies?

Associate of Science (AS) is similar to Associate of Arts (AA) in that it prepares students for bachelor's degrees. The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is focused on the skills and knowledge that students will need to find a job upon graduation. AA programs are similar to those offered by four-year colleges in the first two years. The Applied Business degree prepares graduates to work in a variety of business settings. Associate of Applied Arts (AAA) is a degree that prepares students to enter the workforce. The AAA degree prepares graduates to excel in a variety of situations and with instruction.

Admission requirements

Associate degree programs in project management require a high school diploma, GED (General Education Diploma), or another equivalent educational qualification.
Applicants can take preparatory courses to help strengthen their application and make college enrolment easier.

How long does it take to become a project management associate?

A typical associate degree program lasts two years or four semesters. Each school will have its own requirements but the average range is 60 to 65 semester hours.
Students have the option to take additional courses, get credit for coursework, take competency tests, and earn credits for life experiences.

Potential career opportunities

Human Resources assistants are responsible for many aspects of personnel management. They manage communication with employees, including terminations or hires.
The median salary of a human resources assistant is $41.200.
Project managers work closely with project assistants. Assisting project managers at each stage, the project assistants ensure that the project runs smoothly.
The median salary for a project assistant is $44.200.
Project coordinators can manage large projects that are important to their company. Coordinate conferences and other activities that are part of day-to-day business operations. Coordinators can work with other divisions to coordinate the company.
Project coordinators earn an average of $50.400.

An associate degree will allow you to get started as a project manager. You have three options to move up: a bachelor's degree, a graduate certificate or a master's degree in project management.

Best Associate of Science in Project Management Programs

These schools offer an on-campus associate degree in project management.

Dallas County Community College District - Dallas, Texas
Seven community colleges and seven other locations are located in the district. It is home to approximately 70.000 students.
Degrees available: Associate of Science in Business Administration Project Management Certificate.

Everett Community College - Everett (Washington)
Both transferable and non-transferable business associate degree options are available at the school.
Degrees available: Associate in Business Administration Certificate Program, Associate In Technical Art Project Management Certificate Programme, and college credits towards bachelor’s degrees.

Traditional schools offer an AS degree in project management as well, some examples are listed below.

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, Massachusetts
UMass Lowell offers an Associate's degree in Management. This online degree is approximately 65 hours long and teaches critical thinking and problem solving.
Degrees available: Management Associate Degree.

Herzing University – Online
An Associate of Science in Business Management degree is offered by that University. This degree includes coursework in project management as well as related fields necessary to project management success, such as marketing, business law and management.
Degrees available: Associate of Science in Business Management.

How students can benefit from IAPM

As you have read above, there are a few ways students can get their foot in the door in project management. At IAPM, there are also a few options for students to expand their project management knowledge while still studying, make valuable contacts, or even get certified while still studying. For further information, please visit the IAPM Academics.
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The IAPM certification

The certification can be taken via a reputable online examination procedure. The costs are based on the gross domestic product of your country of origin.

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