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IAPM Essentials March 15, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Continuous Improvement Development for Leadership and Professionals
In today's world, everything is changing as globalisation and increased international connectivity creates more dynamic markets and a more volatile working environment. While a few decades ago it was enough to think and work in terms of longer iterations, nowadays business processes need to be much more flexible and adaptable to meet the changing demand. Part of this so-called VUCA world is the phenomenon of continuous improvement. Various approaches exist to make it easier for companies to adapt processes to this transformation – and they all have one thing in common: a progressive leadership style where managers take the first step in the right direction! Continuous improvement should not only be the task of the team, but rather starts with the leaders and managers and thus have to be driven by them! Find out more about the topic of continuous improvement in this blog post.
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The agile local government - German language
Complexity is increasing everywhere, which is a major challenge for all sectors. Especially authorities, which are less flexible as a large administrative apparatus, are increasingly feeling this circumstance. The established structures are proving to be unsuitable. They need a new approach, because long-term planning is difficult to implement in our unsteady times. "Agility" is an approach that deals with this complexity, or more precisely, the Agile Manifesto. However, since this was developed for software projects, it needs to be derived. For example, change should be a constant part of the work, the team should continuously reflect on and improve its work, communication has a very high priority. It is also important to realise that the work should serve the benefit of the client and is not an end in itself. A shift in the thinking of the administrative apparatus is therefore necessary in order to continue to operate.
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5 tips for more money - German language
The project manager's area of responsibility is often very broad and, in addition to project planning, also includes controlling and monitoring of the project's progress. Often, however, it is the little things that characterises a good project manager – besides methodological competence, a certain sensitivity for interpersonal interactions is also extremely helpful, especially when problems occur in the course of the project. Yet, the versatile competence of a project manager is not always appreciated or rewarded accordingly. However, this can be changed, since you can also plan for salary increases, too! Therefore, you shouldn't rest on your laurels – in project management it is important to constantly develop your own skills and adapt them to the respective project situation – this is the only way to substantiate higher salary expectations. You can read about the other things you can consider in order to negotiate your dream salary in the following article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

12 KPIs every project manager should know
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Agile Coaching am Scheideweg
(en.: Agile coaching at a crossroads)
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Agile Doesn’t Work Without Psychological Safety
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Aus Fehlern lernen!
(en.: Learning from mistakes!)
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Einen Josefspfennig für Deinen Nutzen!
(en.: A Josefspfennig for your benefit!)
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Einführung: Agiles vs. klassisches Projektmanagement
(en.: Introduction: Agile vs. classic project management)
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How to Send Internal Product Updates Stakeholders Will Read
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Muss ich mich als Scrum Master fachlich auskennen?
(en.: Do I need to have technical knowledge as a Scrum Master?)
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Scrum is flawed, and so are Newton's ideas.
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Take Your Scrum Team’s Definition Of Done To The Next Level!
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The Scrum Values and the Real World
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