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IAPM Essentials February 08, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

9 tips for an agile transformation – German language
Doing agile projects is a major challenge if you have been traditionally organising projects so far. The following tips will support you in your agile transformation: 1. Agile working does not mean that your problems disappear, but that you tackle them differently. 2. Many people have a different understanding of what agile means. Therefore, create a common basis. 3. Get the managers on board and let them know what they have to be prepared for. 4. Try to understand the context better by asking for feedback. 5. Communicate your plan, this will increase understanding. 6. Clearly assign roles and related activities. 7. Consider how you will answer internal questions such as beliefs, customer satisfaction, or staff motivation. The answer should be based objectively on established criteria, this ensures transparency. 8. Question the answers given in 7 - can you do better? 9. As a final tip, you must make your progress measurable and afterwards measure it.
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How to Fail as an Agile Coach in Scrum
Of course, there are only three roles in Scrum: the Developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master. But what if Scrum is newly introduced or the team could learn more to become even better? This is where the Agile Coach steps in. To make sure he doesn't do more harm than good, this article gives you some tips. Actually, it is the Scrum Master's job to establish and promote Scrum. As an Agile Coach, it is therefore important to involve the Scrum Master instead of taking over their role. It is also important that the Agile Coach does not work according to a predefined scheme, but responds to the specifics of the company. Finally, as an Agile Coach, it is important to always remember that the whole company should be involved. Nobody benefits if all the knowledge lies with one person. This may achieve short-term goals, but it is not sustainable.
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Pasta-shaped teams – German language
Working in IT is often very abstract. Why not just try to illustrate a few things clearly and understandably? So what is the deal with pasta dishes and developers? A "spaghetti team" has tasks that are exactly tailored to the team, but if you follow these tasks, you often end up in legacy code and find tasks from long ago. There is no real organisational order. The next team is the "lasagne team". It is organised to a certain extent - in several layers. But when you try to change it, it often falls apart. With "cannelloni teams" things look different: The content is manageable and most of it can be moved around without losing anything. The problem that things are getting lost does not exist with "ravioli teams". They include self-contained objects, but they are quite large and should be divided. All the previously mentioned problems are solved by the "tortellini team" - everything remains intact and all objects have a manageable size.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

20+ Tiny Tweaks That Help You Use Liberating Structures More Effectively
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Auftragsklärung als Scrum Master / Agile Coach
(en.: Task clarification as Scrum Master / Agile Coach)
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Be Careful, Scrum Isn’t What You Think It is
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Creating Psychological Safety in Your Teams
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Das System ist entscheidend, nicht die App
(en.: The system is crucial, not the app)
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Das agile Manifest und die 'agilen Werte'
(en.: The agile manifesto and the 'agile values')
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Don’t let your first Product Requirements Document be your last
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Evidence Based Management with scrum.org
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Gedanken zu den Themen „komplex“ und „kompliziert“
(en.: Thoughts on the topics "complex" and "complicated")
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Product Owner Interviewfragen: Das Produktdenken oder Product Mindset
(en.: Product Owner Interview Questions: The Product Mindset)
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‘Keep it simple’ in the context of Ashby’s law
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