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IAPM Essentials December 14, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Copy-pasting frameworks and expecting success is foolish
Agile frameworks are designed to support companies and teams in creating or improving targeted products in a volatile world as well as in implementing projects with a high level of stakeholder involvement. At their core, all frameworks always rely on agile values and principles. However, when integrating such frameworks into the corporate landscape, these values often fall short - which ultimately leads to the benefits of agility being lost and companies facing more challenges as a result. Simply imposing a framework on existing structures is far from being agile. Maarten Dalmijn's column explains this in an extremely understandable way and vividly explains why the company processes should also be slimmed down when introducing agile frameworks.
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The 5 biggest project management mistakes - German language
As the title suggests, this article is all about major mistakes in project management, which can occur especially in large-scale projects. Attentive readers of our blog may already know that here in the Essentials, we have occasionally pointed out common mistakes in project management before. But no project is the same, mistakes can sneak in at various stages, and that is why we would like to remind you from time to time of the mistakes you might want to watch out for. In detail, this article is mainly about software-based solutions that can provide more transparency and clarity when managing tasks in project management. In addition, the article provides suggestions on which possible pitfalls you should keep an eye on, so that your project is not doomed to failure.
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Your KPIs Probably Aren’t! But What Are They?
The performance of a company or the success of a project is usually measured at decision-making level on the basis of key performance indicators (KPI). But what some may understand by this term is not always what they think it is - any examples? Well then, take a look at David Anderson's article and learn more about the different types of performance metrics. Because apart from KPIs, there are other measurement criteria, such as Fitness Criteria Metrics, Improvement Guides or General Health Indicators, which not everyone will be familiar with. In addition to the various metrics, the article also explains the process of an enterprise services planning workshop, which may also give you useful ideas for that next planning session!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

8 Agile Games to Win at Work
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Agile Principles: Go Together
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Am i the right agile coach?
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Gib Deinem agilen Team eine Chance, es gut zu machen!
(en.: Give your agile team a chance to succeed!)
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POC vs MVP: What to Choose to Build a Great Product
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Resource Utilization Trap
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Seat-CIO André Radon: "Man arbeitet agil oder man ist agil"
(en.: Seat-CIO André Radon: "You either work agile or are agile")
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The Time I Quit As A Scrum Master
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Was hat der Umstieg auf Agilität verändert?
(en.: What has changed by switching to Agile?)
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Was macht ein NEUER Scrum Master am ersten Tag?
(en.: What does a NEW Scrum Master do on the first day?)
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