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IAPM Essentials November 09, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Is that out of bounds or does it need to be discussed? - German language
In a meeting, the phrase "everything needs to be discussed openly" is often heard. But this is usually not reasonable or goal-oriented. Openness in a team is usually positive, but too much can also be harmful. There are things and behaviors that should not be discussed or done, things that are taboo. What is taboo and what is not is a personal feeling, so it cannot be clearly defined. The feeling of a taboo reduces complexity in a team, because it saves time to discuss things that seem unnecessary at that moment. What is useful and what is not varies depending on the moment and the situation, which means that what is taboo today may not be so tomorrow. To figure this out as a team, everyone can write on a card, face down, what is taboo but should no longer be. This prevents progress from being held up.
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Five Things Every Starting Scrum Master Should Know
Joining a team as a new Scrum Master can be very challenging. For this reason, here is a list of five tips to get you started. First: If in doubt, ask the team. This way you benefit from the experience of the team members. The second tip is to reboot Scrum, i.e. to start again. Then everyone is on the same level and there is transparency right from the start. Thirdly, the stakeholders should be involved right from the start. If they are always present at the Sprint Review, there is valuable feedback right from the start. The penultimate tip is to ask other Scrum Masters. There is almost no problem that has not been solved yet. The last tip and one of the most important: Be nice and understanding. The team does not always work according to Scrum 100% of the time. Instead of admonishing them and using force, you should coach them and teach them how to do it better.
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The tomato and the gardener - German language
Promoting a tomato plant to a gardener sounds strange, but if you look at a comparison, it is obvious. When an entrepreneur promotes his best specialist to a manager, he usually loses more than he gains. The two roles perform different tasks. While the specialist solves problems and generates value, the manager, as the name suggests, is busy managing. To return to the initial comparison: A tomato plant should produce tomatoes and should not start gardening. The specialist therefore trains, develops and passes on his or her expertise to other specialists. The manager, like a gardener, also creates suitable framework conditions. Otherwise, it can lead to the specialist as a leader being his best worker and hindering the whole team.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Die Earned-Value-Analyse einfach erklärt
(en.: Earned value analysis explained simply)
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FAST Agile and Scrum
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Gefahr für etablierte Unternehmen: Disruption ist der Angriff von unten
(en.: Danger for established companies: Disruption is the attack from from below)
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Goal setting as a tool for organizational change: a case study
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If you're not using a kanban board, you're not as productive as you could be
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Planning work with OKRs
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Soft Skills von Agilisten
(en.: Soft skills from agilists)
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Why Do Many Scrum Teams Put Energy Into Pointless Conversations?
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Why agile teams should care about relationships
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Wo sind die KO-Kriterien geblieben?
(en.: Where did the knockout criteria go?)
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