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IAPM Essentials July 27, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

How to Amplify Your Intrinsic Motivation to Learn
You are probably familiar with it: When you enjoy performing a task, dealing with it doesn’t feel like work. The reason for this is that your motivation is different. You deal with this task – for example, your hobby – because you want to spend time on it. But as soon as you get the feeling that you have to engage in the task, then the situation changes and the enjoyment of performing the task becomes a compulsion. So it’s important that you maintain your intrinsic motivation to complete tasks and that they don't become a torture for you. Christine Joy Leal describes how you can foster your intrinsic motivation.
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15th State of Agile Report: Agile leads the way through the pandemic and digital transformation
Fittingly for the 20th anniversary of the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”, the “15th State of Agile Report” was recently released, which examines and evaluates the current developments in agile (project) management. Particularly noteworthy is that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for more agility in the corporate environment has increased significantly and the way of working has already changed permanently. The report shows that decentralised and hybrid forms of work will persist even after the pandemic and could even prevail. In addition, the topic of agility continues to penetrate other, non-IT-specific, industries. Especially in finance, human resources and marketing, the use of agile frameworks and methods has already doubled. For more information, take a look at the full article!
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Erfolgsrezept für Scaled Agile: Der richtige Teamschnitt German language
Scrum teams usually consist of ten or fewer members, which is why an increase in team size should be avoided for larger projects in order to prevent their efficiency from being jeopardised. However, to cope with larger or more extensive projects, there are various ways of scaling Scrum. The frameworks frequently used for this are, among others, “Scaled Agile Framework” (SAFe), “Disciplined Agile Delivery” (DAD) or “Large Scale Scrum” (LeSS). However, in addition to the right framework for scaling, the right team cut is also crucial – only if all team members work together and can contribute their strengths, the project can be brought to completion. The reduction of interfaces between the teams is particularly important and the involvement of all participants is crucial for success. To learn more about this topic, we recommend the article by Tobias Wartner.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

8 simple project management tools (that don’t require training)
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Agile Methoden – Teams und Organisation nach agilen Prinzipien strukturieren
(en.: Agile methods - structuring teams and the organisation according to agile principles)
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Aus der agilen Methodenkiste: Die Wirkungsanalyse macht aus Anwendern der E-Akte Projektbeteiligte
(en.: From the agile tool box: impact analysis turns users of a digital file into project participants)
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How to create an agile workflow
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How to Run a Scrum Meeting [Complete Guide to Scrum Meetings With Tips]
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Katie Anderson: One Year of “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn” and the New Audiobook
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Methodenwechsel während des Projektlebenszyklus
(en.: Method changes during the project life cycle)
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Sprint Project Management: 10 Things Your Team Must Always Follow
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The 4 Agile Values and 6 Benefits of the Agile Manifesto
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What Makes Scrum Teams Effective? A scientific investigation of 1.200 Scrum teams
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Why Projects Fail Part 2: Project Committees
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