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IAPM Essentials July 13, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Agile procedures in strategically important projects and effective corporate management – does that work together? – (German language)
Several prejudices exist about agile approaches. Some say e.g., the many Scrum meetings are time-consuming and inefficient. In Jens Gerhardt's experience, however, it is important that the intention of the various meetings is discussed in the team and that the team jointly determines a favoured duration and frequency of the meetings. In addition, the Scrum Master should ensure that these defined rules are adhered to. On the one hand, this prevents the meeting from being too time-consuming, and on the other hand, it ensures that the project is efficient. In the following blog, Jens Gerhardt addresses various prejudices about agile approaches and supports his views with his own experiences.
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How To Run A Sprint Review, Online?
For a product developer, the Sprint Review is a very crucial event. But what is it actually? At the end of a sprint, the work that has been done is inspected together with invited stakeholders and, based on this, the next reasonable steps are decided. The Developers thus receive feedback from users of the product. This is very valuable because only the users of a product can determine if certain product features are useful. For this purpose, a Sprint Review can take place both in person and online. In the following article by Barry Overeem, he describes what changes in an online Sprint Review and explains how he planned and structured his online sessions.
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What is a project manager?
Have you ever wondered what a project manager actually does? A project manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing projects. He also ensures that projects are completed on time, on budget and within the project scope. For this, a project manager must be able to work well under pressure and be comfortable with change in dynamic environments. To increase efficiency, it is useful to support the project by team management software. This gives the project manager instant insight into the workload, project, and status of the work of each team member. If you want to find out more about the tasks and skills of a project manager as well as team management software, don't miss the following article.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

5 Benefits of Setting Up an Andon System
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8 Risks of Poorly Managed ERP Projects
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Agile Transformation: Wer Visionen hat …
(en.: Agile transformation: Those who have visions …)
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Kanban Evergreen: Don’t move items backwards on the kanban board
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Scrum Project Management - The Beginner's Guide
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Should Project Managers Take Care of Profitability?
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The Ultimate Guide to Construction Project Management
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Trends in Modern Project Delivery (Infographic)
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Want to Be a Great Leader? These Are the Top 10 Qualities You Need
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Warum immer noch so viele agile Transformationen scheitern
(en.: Why so many agile transformations are still failing)
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Why is Project Management Helpful as a Career Opportunity
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Author: IAPM internal / Felix Gebhardt

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