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Sadly, there were no IAPM Essentials last week, but today we will continue as usual!
What was eventful last week? What has happened in project management? Here you can find articles worth reading and links to videos or podcasts that we warmly recommend.

To put it briefly: Essentials from the world of project management.

Enjoy reading!
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IAPM Essentials June 15, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

The radical transformation of a mechanical engineer - (German language)
What can be the reason that in one company projects run well with just a few surprises, but others crash with many deviations, both in terms of deadlines and in terms of quality and costs? Nicolas Korte, former managing director of ETABO GmbH, also investigated this question. More about the topics, why the cause of many problems in the company were in fact not the employees’ faults, but instead Nicolas Korte and his managing director colleague Alexander Kluge and how the radical transformation to agile project management took place within the company, can be read in this blog post.
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Do you know what velocity is? - (German language)
“Velo” means bike, “City” means ... well, city, so “Velocity” means the city of bicycles, right? No not at all – every child knows that this is not true. Nevertheless, this blogpost deals with the topic “Velocity” since it is a metric for measuring the development speed of a Scrum Team. The number of velocity points depends on the difficulty and the complexity of the tasks and on the number of tasks completed by a team during the sprint as well. The following article explains why velocity is low and fluctuates slightly in newly formed teams and remains stable in well-rehearsed teams.
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The Purpose of being Agile
Many misunderstandings exist about agile project management, but the most misinterpreted is the purpose for being agile. That’s why David Spinks always asks his potential clients one specific question, “why do you want to use agile project management?” Most respond: “to get faster […] so we can be more productive.”, or: “because our competitors are doing it.” Why these reasons make implementing agile project management worse and which reasons for being agile from his point of view truly benefits the organisation, he reveals to you in this article.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

10 Tipps in der Projektkrise
(en.: 10 tips for the project crisis)
Click here to read the original article.

AI: A Game-Changing Toolkit For Project Management?
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Agility for a Sustainable World: Why We Need to Redefine The Meaning of Agility
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Building Products at Stripe
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How to Solve Hard Problems with Kaizen Events
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How to prevent scope creep when managing a project from home - Stack Overflow Blog
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Projektteams: Ein einfaches Tableau, um die Teamenergie zu visualisieren
(en.: Project teams: A simple tableau to visualise team energy)
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Warum eine Besprechung keine Agenda braucht, ...
(en.: Why a meeting doesn‘t need an agenda, ...)
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Why are product managers still using a timeline?
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Wie ihr im Team die hybride Arbeitszukunft gestalten könnt
(en.: How the team can shape the future of hybrid work.)
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Author: IAPM internal / Felix Gebhardt

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