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IAPM Essentials March 23, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

PMO und Ungewissheit
One of the characteristics of a project is that it is a unique task which, because of this uniqueness, is inevitably characterised by uncertainties. Currently, work is often done to combat these uncertainties. But Astrid Kuhlmey thinks that project participants should rather ensure that uncertainties are used so that the projects benefit from them - after all, there is always a certain economic potential in uncertainties. Project Management Offices can help project participants develop the necessary skills to deal with uncertainties in the right way. Would you like to know how a cultural change can be achieved in this respect? Then read the whole article.
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Respektvoller Umgang – der Ton macht die Musik
In a team, it is essential that the individual team members treat each other with respect. The same applies to whole organisations: Everyone should treat their colleagues with respect. That sounds simple, doesn't it? In theory it is - but in practice it often leads to problems. This is because it is not only important what is said, but also how something is expressed. Stephanie Huber has summarised in her article what you should pay attention to in order to show your counterpart the necessary respect: Listen, ask a lot of questions, accept that your colleague may have a different opinion than you, emphasise the common ground and - very important - show your feelings. You can find out what else you need to pay attention to in this context by reading the article.
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Sorry Scrum, the Game Might Be Over for You!
The agile framework Scrum is probably a familiar idea to most people - and many organisations try to develop their products with the help of Scrum. The problem, however, is that people often try to integrate Scrum as a process. The result is that existing problems are not solved and the new process is used as a miracle cure. However, this cannot work: An organisation that does not fully embrace Scrum, including the Scrum Values, will fail in the transformation. Scrum can only be successful if the values are lived. Find out what the future of Scrum looks like and why some people are embarrassed to be called Scrum Master in the article written by David Pereira.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

12 typische Gründe, warum Lessons Learned nicht funktionieren
(en.: 12 common reasons why Lessons Learned don't work)
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4 unexpected sources of strength available to tired leaders
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5 Dinge, die man als Projektmanager in einer Agentur niemals sagt
(en.: 5 things you never say as a project manager working in an agency)
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Getting Started with Journey Mapping: 27 Tips from Practitioners
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Mindset wird überbewertet!
(en.: Mindset is overrated!)
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Persönliches Wissensmanagement (Teil 2): Thomas Michl
(en.: Personal knowledge management (part 2): Thomas Michl)
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Product goals in scrum
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The Metrics Of Digital Transformation: Small Steps to Outcome-Based Innovation
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We need more AI product owners, not data scientists
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Why Agile Doesn't Work and How to Solve This
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