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What was eventful last week? What has happened in project management? Here you can find articles worth reading and links to videos or podcasts that we warmly recommend.

To put it briefly: Essentials from the world of project management.

This time, to bring this special year to an end, we have some lighter reading for interested project managers. Stay safe – see you next year!

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IAPM Essentials December 29, 2020

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

7 Tips For New Product Owners
In times of departure and change, in times of transformation and innovation, it may well happen that your company decides to become more agile. If you too are in this situation right now and your boss elevates you out of the frying pan to become the new product owner, there are some things that may help you deal with this situation better. In her article, Kelly Hanshaw gives seven tips on how to deal with developers or stakeholders and how to find your way in the new position in no time. A little teaser beforehand: Don't stop being curious and be open to new things, then you will certainly become a true product owner!
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Muss ich als Teammitglied in einem „High-Performance“ Team mehr arbeiten?
Some companies adapt agile project management methods just to generate a higher output. It is often ignored that agility is much more than just a tool to improve performance – it is a philosophy! Only with the right mindset of all employees its full potential will be reached. Similarly, it cannot be expected that team members will automatically perform better as a "high-performance" team after just a few days of training; the environment of the teams must also be transformed. Transformed towards a corporate culture that promotes independence and self-responsibility, that supports employees with a clear vision and incentives to learn. If you want to learn more about this, have a look at Marc Löffler's article or listen to his podcast.
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Simpler Definitions of Muri, Muda and Mura
Lean management is used to simplify and improve production processes. You may already be familiar with the 3M model, which was developed by Toyota and is based on the three main pillars of muri (overburden), muda (waste) and mura (variation). If not, or if you are looking for a more understandable explanation of the terms, you may be interested in Jon Miller's article. He first describes the philosophy behind muri, muda and mura and then explains the individual concepts, what they mean and how to interpret them. However, special attention should be paid to their correlation: Only when the 3M's are considered as a whole, you will ultimately benefit from them!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Aus der Hexenküche eines Interimmanagers - Teil 2
(en.: From the witch's kitchen of an interim manager - Part 2)
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Moving from Agile Teams towards an Agile Organization
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Project Management is the best hand-off method.
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SMARTes Ziel + Canvas = Fokus für den nächsten Schritt
(en.: SMART goal + Canvas = focus for the next step)
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Scrum skalieren ein Widerspruch in sich?
(en.: Is scaling Scrum a contradiction in terms?)
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Stop Snowplowing in Agile
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Story sherpas
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The Curse of "Success" Metrics
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Warum agil, wenn es antifragil gibt?
(en.: Why choose agile when there is antifragile?)
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Was 5S und 5A mit A3 zu tun hat
(en.: What 5S and 5A have to do with A3)
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