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What was eventful last week? What has happened in project management? Here you can find articles worth reading and links to videos or podcasts that we warmly recommend.

To put it briefly: Essentials from the world of project management.

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IAPM Essentials November 08, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Why Split Big User Stories?
Many teams are starting to internalise the agile mindset but at the same time they are asking themselves why they should be agile at all. The main point is getting to feedback points quick while being iterative. The product doesn’t have to be perfect by then, but it helps you to keep the big picture in mind by finding out sooner if it is going to work, or not. This helps you to receive feedback by asking stakeholders or the team shows the work to the user. After you got your result, you can evaluate if the feature is good or not. Maybe it’s already good enough, maybe you just have to change a few things or maybe you have to abolish the whole feature. Either way you’ve saved a lot of time. At the same time this is easy to say but it’s hard to stop at a significant place to get feedback. If you want to know some of the question you should ask yourself during the process to being more agile, you should read the article.
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How do you build trust with each other? - German language
Trust is important in the field of project management, e.g., between managers or employees. But trust doesn't happen just like that. It's up to everyone because trust has to be given. For this purpose, there is a 12-week programme called "Working out loud (WOL)" by John Stepper. The programme is completed in small groups, with 4 - 5 people in a so-called circle. Each person pursues their own goal. There is a circle guide with tasks you have to work on during the respective week. The programme consists of 5 principles, which are: cultivate relationships, make your work visible, generously, purposeful discovery and growth mindset. These principles help to achieve your own goals in small steps and to deepen trust in other people. If you want to know more about the author's experiences, follow the link to the article.
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Agile Principles – Simplicity
This post is the first one of a series and it is about simplicity in agile management. What that means can be explained with an example. If you ask a stakeholder what they want, it’s probably going to be a list of features that would be time consuming for a Scrum Team. The Product Owner has to rationalise the task. By keeping the Product Backlog at a manageable size, they are saving time and a lot of money. Saying no is not easy, as stakeholders are often getting emotionally attached to features. But if the feature is a low-value feature everyone suffers. Maybe the output is maximised but if the feature is never used it just led to significant waste. So instead, they should focus on maximising the amount of work not done. Do you want to know more about simplicity? Then we recommend you read the original article.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Product Ownership Evolution Model (POEM)
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New Leadership – Menschen im Mittelpunkt
(en.: New Leadership - People at the centre)
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Why Most Managers Aren’t Effective Coaches
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How do you measure value in scrum?
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How Scrum with Kanban works
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Aus der agilen Methodenkiste | Obeya Room – alle wichtigen Informationen und Entscheider an einem Ort versammelt
(en.: From the agile method box | Obeya Room - all important information and decision-makers gathered in one place)
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How To Skillfully Navigate Conflict In Your Scrum Team?
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Folge 114: Folge 114: Introversion und Extraversion (mit Till Weinert)
(en.: Episode 114: Episode 114: Introversion and Extraversion (with Till Weinert))
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Ist GTD heutzutage überhaupt noch hilfreich?
(en.: Is GTD still helpful these days?)
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