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IAPM Essentials November 01, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

What is leadership?
Leadership has evolved from the concept of management. A manager's job is to plan, assign tasks and monitor whether all employees are performing their assigned tasks and achieving their goals. While this approach made many companies very successful for a long time, it is now outdated and is being replaced by a new style of leadership, namely that of the "servant leader". This role no longer leads team members from the top down, but tries to make their work easier. It supports them, creates a good working environment and removes problems. This approach can ensure that the team is happier and ultimately more productive. But what does it take to implement this leadership style and what other benefits might it have for the team and the company? We recommend you read the original article!
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Why long-term plans don't work and how to fix them
In software development, plans that are envisaged over a long period of future time tend to border on science fiction. Often they can only exist in our imagination or are naïve. These plans must assume that everything will go as planned, that activities will take as long as planned and that in the end the product that is delivered will be known exactly. These are all assumptions that are unlikely to occur in reality. Sooner or later, the software will have a bug that needs to be fixed. You can never say certainty how long a programmer will take to complete a task, and in the end the product to be delivered will differ, even if only slightly, from the one planned. It doesn't help to simply try to plan better or allow more room for error. Read the original article to find out what options are available for planning and in which cases plans with a goal far in the future are fine in software development.
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Agile micromanagement - seriously? - German language
It is constantly said that it is not Scrum if Scrum is not fully implemented. It is then simply something else that tries to use the principles of Scrum. One behaviour that leads to the failure of projects that should be implemented with Scrum is that teams are micromanaged instead of being self-organised. The reasons for micromanaging a Scrum team are most likely to be found at the beginning when Scrum is newly introduced. Managers feel their job is threatened because their original role is no longer needed in the way it used to be, or there is a big problem where managers see a threat to the project and intervene instead of supporting the team. Another problem is when tasks are handed directly to the team and the Product Owner is bypassed. How can this be dealt with? Find out in the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

3 Career Benefits of Project Management
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Führung und Agilität im Ehrenamt
(en.: Leadership and agility in volunteering)
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What does self-management mean anyway?
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Veränderungsbereitschaft für Digitalisierung erzeugen
(en.: Generate willingness to change for digitisation)
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Widerstand birgt Wahrheit
(en.: Resistance harbours truth)
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Eating our own dog food: How we used Scrum to improve our Scrum implementation
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3 typische Aussagen, die entlarven, dass das Scrum Rahmenwerk (noch) nicht verstanden wurde
(en.: 3 typical statements that expose that the Scrum framework has not (yet) been understood)
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Does It Make Sense for Developers to Wear the Scrum Master’s Hat?
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Funktioniert agiles Arbeiten in einem hybriden Umfeld? – Ein Interview mit Corinna Baldauf
(en.: Does agile working in a hybrid environment work? - An interview with Corinna Baldauf)
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Why a shorter Sprint will not make you more Agile
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Als Unternehmer mit emotionalen Belastungen umgehen
(en.: Dealing with emotional stress as an entrepreneur)
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