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IAPM Essentials July 28, 2020

A Spotter's Guide To Good Retrospectives 
Adrian Howard published a tweet on the subject of "Retrospective". He asked his followers what makes a good Sprint Retrospective and he received numerous answers. The tweet's content and some answers can be read well presented in this post.
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Beyond Agile? Some wild speculations
Agile thinking is not yet the standard, although it is becoming increasingly important. But what comes beyond agility? What does the future look like? What will be changed and what will remain the same? Read Mark Lambertz' thoughts on this topic in this article.
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Beyond the Usual OKR approach
Objectives and Key Results can be found in the Eisenhower matrix in the square "important but not urgent", which means that they are in the phase in which new products are planned. For conventional OKR to work, a strategy must already exist. Since this is not always the case, Christina Wodtke presents three alternative OKRs in her article. 
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Die 5 größten Mythen über automatisches Projektmanagement 
In German language only: Automation can also be useful in project management, especially when project managers have little time for strategic or creative tasks due to excessive routine tasks. As with many other things, there are many myths surrounding automation. Julia Glöckner gives you an overview of the most common myths and clears them up.
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Ein Jahr Anforderungsmanagement …
In German language only: Björn Schotte explains why it is important to bring products to market as quickly as possible and thus to the end user.
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Erfolgreich agil arbeiten. Teil drei: Die Scrum-Werte
In German language only: To practice Scrum correctly you have to follow the rituals and processes. But that is not all you need, to be successful in agile project management. You also need to have an agile mindset. Julia Hartung presents the necessary Scrum values in her article.
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Productivity Cheat Sheet to Work Smarter 
Fred Wilson presents a cheat sheet that is designed to increase your productivity. On this cheat sheet there are 16 productivity hacks that make your (working) life more efficient.
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Projektmanagement in der Krise
In German language only: Klaus D. Tumuscheit describes in his article what distinguishes virtual project management and especially virtual meetings from face-to-face meetings and why the latter promote creativity more than the former. Furthermore, he tells you which lessons can and should be learned from the crisis.
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Signal Strength of Great KRs
Brett Knowles gives you in his article an overview of five requirements that should fulfill great key results. He calls these five criteria the "signal strength" of Key Results. What does it mean when the signal strength is low? This and other questions are answered in the article.
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Was passiert mit den Story Points von nicht-fertigen Product Backlog Items?
In German language only: Have you ever wondered why story points from unfinished product backlog items are not included in original estimates? Jan Fischbach explains the reasons for this using a short calculation example.
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Workout für Entscheidungen: Cynefin Framework
In German language only: Nadja Petranovskaja presents the 2020 revised Cynefin Framework in detail. She provides you with an insight into all five areas and gives you examples for each area.
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