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What was eventful last week? What has happened in project management? Here you can find articles worth reading and links to videos or podcasts that we warmly recommend.

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IAPM Essentials August 09, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Groupthink (and intervention possibilities) - German language
Making decisions in a group has the advantage that the entire knowledge of several people flows in. Correct decisions are therefore of higher quality. However only correct decisions are of higher quality, but unfortunately group decisions are more often wrong decisions. The reason for this is the "groupthink phenomenon". There are three underlying factors: The first factor is group cohesion, which means that the individual team member puts aside his or her opinion in favour of the group. The second is the lack of a neutral external view of the problem, and the last factor is that the decision is made under stress for various reasons. All this leads to group harmony being preferred to good decision-making. Fortunately, this problem can be countered with some measures. You can read about them in the original article!
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How to onboard a new employee?
Successful onboarding is an essential part of the recruitment process, because poor onboarding can lead to the company losing the employee straight away. So it's not just about onboarding, it's also about making the new colleague feel welcome. What should be part of good onboarding process? It is of course important that the new employee is introduced to the company, that he or she is brought up to the same level of knowledge as everyone else and that he or she gets to know the key decision-makers or stakeholders. It is also very helpful if the new colleague has a designated contact person who can answer any questions that may arise. At the end of the onboarding process, it is important to give feedback to the new team member. Would you like to learn how a Scrum Master can support the onboarding process of employees? We recommend you read the original article!
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5 Golden Rules for Writing Good Project Documentation
Project documentation can be a nerve-wracking task, but the tips presented in the recommended article can make the task a little more bearable. We summarise some of them for you. One tip is to keep the documents in a place you can access at any time. This place is online. There are many ways to store data securely online and protect it from unauthorised access. Another advice is to make the documents as comprehensive as necessary. For one thing, this means that a document should be two pages long instead of five, for example, and sometimes it should be the other way round. Eliminate everything that is unnecessary without neglecting the necessary details. The last tip is to write a summary at the beginning of your report that allows each reader to grasp the most important information in a few glances and only go into further detail if necessary. Read the original article for further tips!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

unFIX — Liberating Collaboration to create a Product Experience
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Mit „Jobs-to-Be-Done“ zu mehr Kundenverständnis
(en.: With "Jobs-to-Be-Done" to more customer understanding)
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Kanban Evergreen: Should we include waiting or blocked items in WIP Limits?
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Die Forderung nach Authentizität
(en.: The demand for authenticity)
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Goal Setting: A Philosophical Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals
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Lean und Six Sigma: Ein ungleiches Paar?
(en.: Lean and Six Sigma: An unequal couple?)
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10 Progressive Organizational Structures Developed By Real Companies
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Das ist das Ende! Vom guten oder glanzlosen Beenden von Projekten, von Ziehwegen, Tourenabbrüchen und allem dazwischen. Teil 6
(en.: This is the end! From the good or lacklustre finishing of projects, of drawing paths, tour interruptions and everything in between. Part 6)
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Strategisches Alignment mit OKR
(en.: Strategic alignment with OKR)
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Improving Your Estimation Skills by Playing a Planning Game
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Das Riemann-Thomann-Modell: Die vier Grundbedürfnisse im Team verstehen
(en.: The Riemann Thompson model: Understanding the four basic needs in the team)
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