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IAPM Essentials July 12, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

The Problem With Problems
Problems are part of our everyday life and we cannot always prevent them (sometimes it can even be quite good when mistakes happen). Problems do not exist in isolation from each other, rather they are related to other problems. For example, we can formulate as a problem that the processing times take too long. In this formulation, however, the problems that cause or result from this are missing. However, an open formulation does not have to be bad. It gives the teams a lot of leeway in solving problems. It is important to remember, however, that some teams need a tighter scope than others, so adapt the problem definition according to your team. But don't make the mistake of formulating the problem in such a way that there is no room to solve it, because then you lose sight of the setting and overlook solutions. So what is the best way to formulate a problem and is it worth solving every problem? We recommend reading the original article.
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What Is a High-Performing Agile Team?
A "High-Performing Agile Team" is what many managers dream of. But what is it actually and how can you foster its formation? "A high-performing team sustainably exceeds expectations in achieving clear goals." So this means that the team is not better than average, but better than the best. However, this happens not just once, but again and again, without the employees suffering. Thus, what prerequisites should a team have in order to become a High-Performing Agile Team? First of all, it should not be led from the top down. At the very least, the team should be involved in decision-making. You should also create an environment that encourages communication - teams that communicate with each other are more effective. It is also beneficial to provide the team with challenges, which helps the team focus. Deadlines need to be realistic and meaningful, otherwise they will have the opposite effect. Find out what else you can do to promote your team by reading the original article!
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Motivation – German language
You know the feeling of being motivated. You feel the urge to do something. In the working world, unfortunately, things are different: there is often a lack of motivation. No matter what you do, the workday can't come to an end fast enough. How can a manager ensure that this is not the case with his employees? This question is not so easy to answer. Money is not the motivator - at least not always. As soon as individual needs are satisfied, that is no longer enough to motivate. You need a purpose, something you can identify with. Praise and appreciation can also be a driving force. A "sense of unity" must be created through "participation, employee involvement, transparency, respect, trust and connectedness". Satisfied employees bring a number of positive effects. Find out what these are in the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

How to Measure Agile Maturity
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Das ist das Ende! Vom guten oder glanzlosen Beenden von Projekten, von Ziehwegen, Tourenabbrüchen und allem dazwischen. Teil 5
(en.: This is the end! From the good or lacklustre finishing of projects, of drawing paths, tour interruptions and everything in between. Part 5)
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Wenn der Bierdeckel die Arbeit erleichtert…
(en.: When the beer mat makes the work easier...)
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Consider Dropping the Elements of Scrum That Don’t Add Value for You
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Führung durch Moderation lernen
(en.: Learn leadership through moderation)
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The Playbook to fix your Product Roadmap
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How Continuous Discovery Works (and Doesn’t) in Early-Stage Startups
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Fähigkeiten sehr guter Product Owner
(en.: Skills of very good product owner)
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Ein Pfad durch den Skalierten Scrum Dschungel (10 Frameworks und ein Ratschlag)
(en.: A path through the Scaled Scrum Jungle (10 frameworks and advice))
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Ist eine externe Unterstützung zur Projektkoordination sinnhaft?
(en.: Does external support for project coordination make sense?)
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