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IAPM Essentials July 14, 2020

Agile Missverständnisse: Schneller mit Agil
In German language only: Once again Björn Schotte uncovers an agile misunderstanding. This time it's about the fact that not everything gets faster by using agile methods. Or to express it differently: Why can't agile structures in a small setting just be scaled to the whole company? Read the answer in this article.
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Agile Training: Educational Paths to Follow (and Avoid)
In order to find your way in the world of agility, you should first deal with the agile methods - whether by self-study or by participating in a training course is up to you. By reading this article you will certainly find the right way.
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Beyond agile
In German language only: In almost every company there is at least occasional talk of agility. Silke Nierfeld will go one step further with you and give you deep insights into agility and what goes along with it.
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Complex Refinement with User Story Canvas 
In addition to the use of simple User Story Cards, you can also use User Story Canvas as an alternative. In this article, Slava Moskalenko explains when it makes sense to use the canvas and how the user stories should be structured.
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Die fünf Säulen des Wohlbefindens
In German language only: Depending on the environment in which people are situated, they either blossom or wither away. In this context, Marcus Raitner compares people with plants. Based on the PERMA model, he explains how pillars for a good life can also influence leadership.
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Gewohnheiten ändern: Eine kleine Inspiration
In German language only: In his podcast, productivity coach Ivan Blatter talks in about 13 minutes about habits and how they can be changed. He got inspiration from a listener.
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Integrating Chaos: Building Resilient Organizations with Chaos Theory 
What does chaos actually mean? In this article, based on the chaos theory, it is described how organisations can be built.
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Steve Adolph on Product Management, Product Ownership and Business Agility
In this podcast, Steve Adolph and Shane Hastie talk about product management, product ownership and business agility. For those who prefer to read rather than listen, a transcript of the conversation can be found below the audio file.
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Stop Giving Answers… Ask Powerful Questions Instead
Andy Cleff explains why it makes sense to ask powerful questions. In this article you will be given examples of how to formulate the right questions.
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The Difference: Prototype vs MVP
Ellen Merryweather describes in her article the difference between prototype and Minimum Viable Products. She not only discusses the different prototypes, but also gives you examples of MVP.
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Verbranntes Scrum
In German language only: A team or a company tries to introduce Scrum and this implementation fails. As a result the team or company is deterred from further Scrum attempts. Learn more about "burnt Scrum" in this podcast.
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Wann Agilität im Controlling wirklich sinnvoll ist
In German language only: The use of agility is probably now conceivable in almost all industries. But what about the rather inflexible controlling? Sarah Backhaus explains when it makes sense to introduce agile structures in controlling and when it is better to refrain from doing so.
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Weekly Status Reports may not create Transparency
According to Vikas Agarwal, it is a misconception that weekly status reports create transparency. In his report he explains what goes along with such status reports and how this can affect the project.
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