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IAPM Essentials June 30, 2020

Agile Methoden: Selbstbestimmung und Augenhöhe nötig
In German language only: The use of agile methods like Scrum, is not a miracle cure. Not all projects should necessarily use agile methods. If a company decides to use these methods, there are some things to consider on the employee level. Learn more in this article.
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Agile Missverständnisse: Druck & Stress
In German language only: Do you have the feeling of working in a goal-oriented manner when all pressure and challenges are kept away from you? Probably not. And that's the problem of agile teams whose Scrum Master keeps all stressors away. It is important to find a good middle course - between burnout and boreout and avoid over- or underwhelming the team.
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Balanced Environment: The New Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas represents the relationships and influences from outside on a project or an undertaking. In contrast, the Balanced Environment shows where the company stands. In the same context Oliver Schmidt explains the Cynefin framework.
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The blind Spot. Lean, Agility and Power.
Edgar Rodehack and his colleague had a conversation about power. She said the following sentence, which he couldn't stop thinking about: "You Agile people don't talk about power at all." Why the author could not stop thinking about this sentence and if there is any truth in it, can be read in this article.
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Jira Kills the Sprint Backlog
Project management tools can simplify the life of a project team member. However, if tools like Jira or Rally are not used "properly", they can be a hindrance. Kate Hobler explains in her article what you should pay attention to when using PM tools so that the Sprint Backlog does not suffer.
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Man muss loslassen, dann hat man plötzlich zwei Hände frei.
In German language only: Heinz Bayer, together with his daughter and two grandchildren, wrote an open letter to Dr. Eisenmann, Baden-Württemberg's Minister for Culture, Youth and Sports. In this letter the family explains why the education system should be reconsidered and how it could benefit from agile structures.
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Most Agile Transformations Will Fail
If companies decide to become more agile and to carry out an agile transformation consequently, Anthony Mersino believes it is likely that this transformation will fail. Even though, an agile company tends to be more successful than a traditionally organised company. The author gives five reasons for this in his article. 
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Nicht geschimpft ist genug gelobt
In German language only: When do employees or colleagues like to hear praise or compliments? And when is gratitude more appropriate? The author exchanges ideas on this topic via Twitter and publishes the results in this article.
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Projektmanagement in Krisenzeiten: Wie Sie jetzt agieren sollten
In German language only: Natalie Kujat had an interview with Ralf Braune about crisis management in projects. Above all, proper risk management and the appropriate leadership qualities are essential in times of crisis.
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Remote Agile Transitions — The Top-Ten Challenges
Teamwork plays a decisive role, especially in agile projects. Now that many teams have been unable to work together on site for more than three months, Stefan Wolpers draws his conclusions on the topic of "working in distributed teams". In this article he lists ten challenges that arose during these times.
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Scrum Master tactics: Waste Charting by burning cars 
One of the tasks of a Scrum Master is to keep impediments away from the Scrum Team. Stephan Vlieland writes in his article about a project that he worked on as a Scrum Master. The biggest problem of the Scrum Team was that there was no stable internet connection and therefore the team could not work efficiently. As a measure Stephan Vlieland introduced a "Waste Chart".
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The uncomfortable truth about Agile
The Agile Manifesto consists of 68 words. It is kept short and simple. However, the implementation of the agile approaches confronts many teams with great challenges. How can it be that such a simple approach is not just as easy to implement? Simon Girvan explains it to you.
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What Are The Top 10 Product Owner Questions You Can Expect At An Interview?
You would like to work as a Product Owner and you have a job interview for this position? In this article you will find ten possible questions that could be asked. In addition to these ten questions, you will also be given explanations.
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