Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) - web-learning platform Part 4

Six weeks ago we started publishing our web-learning platform for our Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) certification. So far, we have already published three chapters and today we are releasing another chapter: The Sprint Planning Meeting. In the latest chapter, you will learn how this meeting proceeds and why it is important to conduct the meeting.
A person draws a plan.
You will discover everything you need to know about the Sprint Planning Meeting in the theoretical part. Afterwards you have the opportunity to test your newly acquired knowledge with the help of exercises and to learn technical terms. There are some technical terms that have already been defined in previous chapters - don't be surprised to read the definition once again. The reason why we define technical terms in several places is that you need the definition at one point to understand, at another point to delve deeper into the subject.

Changes to previous versions

Our recommendation

The latest chapter is shorter than the previous chapters, there are no tables to learn or pictures to understand in detail. We therefore recommend that you work through the chapter as usual, taking notes and answering the exercise questions. You can then use the time until the next chapter is published to repeat what you have learned so far. In other words, start again from the beginning, read through the notes you have taken and work on the exercise questions from the previous chapters. This way you can deepen your previous knowledge and you will need less time to repeat all chapters at the end.

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