IAPM "Book of the Year": "The Naked Project Manager" by Roland Ottmann Ph.D.

The IAPM this year awarded the “Book of the Year” title to a book that it considers to be particularly outstanding in terms of content and innovativeness: "The Naked Project Manager" by Roland Ottmann Ph.D.
The author has been publishing project management literature very successfully for many years, he is the Managing Director of Ottmann & Partner GmbH, has been providing project management training for many years and has decades of project management experience. All this experience has been incorporated in his new 352-page book, an interesting mix of textbook, how-to guide, novel and comic. 

Our motivation for awarding

It impressively met all the criteria for the "Book of the Year" award. For example, "The Naked Project Manager" provides in-depth insights into a project manager’s everyday routines in addition to project management knowledge. It tells a story in which each of the project management topics are presented and explained. Many of the chapters start off with a comic strip drawn by illustrator Tobias Dahmen. This innovative approach has never before been used in a book about project management. Roland Ottmann is a master in the art of communicating knowledge in a comprehensible and interesting way.
Reading the book is also an excellent way to prepare for Cert.PMr (IAPM) certification. Anyone who has read and understood the book, with its many useful and practical tips, explanatory charts and detailed drawings, can gain brand new insights into project management and apply the knowledge in taking a more mindful and structured approach to their next project.
We wish Roland Ottmann all the best for the future and thank him for this very enriching addition to project management literature. In our opinion, as supporters of applications and developments in project management, “The Naked Project Manager“ makes excellent supplementary reading to our “PM Guide 2.0”.


A book based on real-life stories

Is it a novel? A comic? A text book? A how-to manual? "The Naked Project Manager" is all those things and much more. Step-by-step, it guides the reader through the complex maze of project management, from project check to project follow-up. Author, Roland Ottmann, explains project management interrelationships in an entertaining and informative style, points out the common hidden pitfalls and provides useful tips and advice that project managers will benefit from in their everyday work. Each of the chapters finishes up with an ironic and humorous summary. More importantly, the author never forgets the people factor in projects, including their fears, weaknesses and propensity to making mistakes. For example, he gives the reader detailed insights into his decades of project experience in the chapters on stress management, management skills and team work.

The book is suitable for project management novices and for readers with project management experience who want to extend their knowledge. It is also the perfect reference book for project managers preparing for certifications such as the CertPMr (IAPM) who want fast, effective and interesting learning material. This is one of the reasons why the IAPM International Association of Project Managers has named it "Book of the Year".

Selected reader's voices

Although the book reads just as fluidly as a novel, the story contains a great deal of important material that is conveyed in a practical and interesting way because Ottmann uses a wide range of didactic methods. There's no easier way to acquire project management knowledge. Hopefully, other project management authors will follow his lead.
 --- Heinz Schelle, PMaktuell

This book's illustrative concept and practical relevance make it the ideal learning material. You can tell that the book is also used in workshops and courses that prepare participants for project management certification.
 --- Professor Falko E.P. Wilms, SEM|RADAR Zeitschrift für Systemdenken und Entscheidungsfindung im Management

Central topics such as communication, work breakdown structures and risk analyses are presented by the author in entertaining and informative comic strips. --- Website of Can Do GmbH

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