Follow-up on the Hamburg Network Meeting of 22 February 2016

it-agile in Hamburg was a great host

The event on ”Agile Organisation Development or Agility and Organisational Learning - the Agile Company“ kicked off with a welcome to the attending members of the northern German project management community, followed by a brief explanation of what the IAPM is and what it does.

Two coordinated presentations on the theory and practice of agile methods were given by the two brothers, Stefan and Arne Roock. They included practical examples of the agile methods used at the two companies, it-agile and Jimdo, plus agile practices used by partner companies. All in all, they provided the audience with a very comprehensive picture. Some of the practical examples were then taken as the basis for answering questions presented to the panel. It was obvious by the number of questions asked during and after the presentations that the audience had a very avid interest in the subject.

Afterwards it-agile served drinks and snacks, and the majority of participants took advantage of this informal opportunity to chat to each other individually or in small groups.

There was also plenty of networking. Documents were on display providing a detailed overview of upcoming project management events in northern Germany (organised by the PMI, GPM, DGQ, IAPM and other associations) in 2016.
This collaborative partnership sends out a very clear and positive signal to the northern-German project management community.

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