Follow-up on the network meeting of 3.12.2014 in Nuremberg

IAPM Senior Official Herman Endress hosted the final Project Manager Network Meeting of the year for Nuremberg on 3 December 2014. All IAPM certificate holders and everyone with an interest in project management were invited.
When Hermann Endress had welcomed all the participants, Andreas Muscheid, Managing Director of WeLikeWeb GbR, gave a very interesting approximately 45-minute presentation on SEA, SEO and SEM. He also provided examples illustrating the basic principles of Google Adwords[MSOffice1] , YouTube and other paid advertising channels and covered the topics of on-site and off-site search engine optimisation, as well as pointing out the challenges and requirements associated with search machine optimisation. He discussed possible future developments and used analyses to show the most practical and effective approach that a company can take, depending on its objectives, to raise its market profile in the short or long-term.
The participants found the topic very interesting and many of them took advantage of the question time afterwards to ask Andreas for more details.
Tarte flambée and mulled wine were served at the subsequent informal get-together and networking session, where the participants had the opportunity to get to know each other better, meet new people and share experiences.
The Network Meeting was a great way to end the year and participant feedback has been both plentiful and positive. Special thanks goes to Matthias Feiffel and the Salon Chic team who sponsored the venue, and to Andreas Muscheid for his interesting presentation.


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