Dirk Heese, Markus Kukla, Udo Schmidt: Fit for Projects. Mastering budget compliance by the success criteria of the projectPROFIT-Method

Brief summary

This workbook delivers pragmatic approaches how you could meet your project budgets and save money for coordination / rework with the management of your project execution.
It introduces you with a procedure to manage the well known factors of project success, while clear-sighted planning, continues measuring & steering, as well as purposeful optimizing your project execution.
It delivers also recommendations for logic activities to manage and optimize the project execution.
As a workbook it contains a project test (Fitness-Test) which could be completed directly in side the book. Furthermore the book points out the recommendations how to learn out of your measurements.

Content summary

This workbook provides practical guidelines on how to meet your project budgets.
Chapters 1 to 3 describe the background and development of the projectPROFiT-Method. The method itself is presented in chapter 4.
Chapter 5 demonstrates how to work with the method. The Fitness Test, is the core element of the method, is included in chapter 6 as a working document. You will find 19 coloured templates to assess your project. The further pages of this chapter will assist you derive target-oriented actions from your assessment. Chapter 7 offers practical suggestions on implementing.
The success stories in chapter 8 provide additional proposals on how to optimize projects. An index helps you find key terms.
We have designed this book with the practitioner in mind. A guidance system takes you through the process to manage the execution maturity of your projects.

Style description

„Fit for projects“ is organized in 3 major parts:

  • the background for the method and for its development
  • the working with the method and
  • the checklist to plan and measure the execution maturity

The user is guided by pictograms and margin-hinds. The management summary is enclosed in the same manner.

Relevance for project management

We all do understand the term “Excellent Product”, where as in general we are indifferent with the term “Project Excellence”
To interpret Project Excellence in the meaning of maturity of project execution is the essence of this book.
The current science on project success identified its relevant factor and has proven it empirically.
The book delivers a pragmatic proposal how to manage in a sound manner.
The well known models for Business and Project Excellence are combined to allow and provide a fast use with a common and unique communication as well as a positive effect on team building. All that positions the book within the current science of Projektmanagement.


Just use the book to directly manage your project execution.

Authors‘ biographies

Dirk Heese, Markus Kukla und Udo Schmidt are Project Managers who executed projects of various size and complexity. They acted as assessors, auditors and trainers for project- and quality management. During the recent years they worked as consultants on management systems as well as for project executions. The book and the method reflects their experiences. 

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